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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Furd Herder mini-game
Enter "Green Alien", "Green Alien", "Square", "Green Alien" as a password to unlock a Minesweeper-like mini-game.

Snake mini-game
Enter "Circle", "Diamond", "Square", "Green Alien" as a password.

View Klax history
Enter "Yellow Alien", "Pillar", "Pillar", "Green Alien" as a password.

View Klax myth
Enter "Square", "Pillar", "Diamond", "Green Alien" as a password.

View programmers
Enter "Green Alien", "Green Alien", "Circle", "Square" as a password. Note: A Game Boy Printer is needed for this trick.

View credits
Enter "Pillar", "Yellow Alien", "Diamond", "Diamond" as a password.

Programmer screens
Enter "Green Diamond", "Pillar", "Pillar", "Green Alien" as a password. Ignore the error message and enter again until it has been done ten times. A series of screens will appear. You can also enter "Red Circle", "Pillar", "Pillar", "Blue Square "as a password ten times.

Adventure mode (European version)
Enter "Square", "Yellow Alien", "Green Alien", "Yellow Alien" as a password.
1Yellow Alien, Pillar, Pillar, Circle
6Circle, Yellow Alien, Square, Yellow Alien
11Yellow Alien, Yellow Alien, Square, Green Alien
16Diamond, Yellow Alien, Green Alien, Diamond
21Diamond, Square, Diamond, Green Alien
26Pillar, Yellow Alien, Square, Pillar
31Green Alien, Circle, Pillar, Pillar
36Circle, Circle, Yellow Alien, Yellow Alien
41Pillar, Diamond, Diamond, Circle
46Yellow Alien, Diamond, Circle, Pillar
51Square, Diamond, Yellow Alien, Square
56Pillar, Square, Square, Yellow Alien
61Circle, Square, Circle, Green Alien
66Circle, Diamond, Diamond, Green Alien
71Circle, Square, Square, Pillar
76Green Alien, Green Alien, Yellow Alien, Circle
81Pillar, Circle, Circle, Pillar
86Square, Green Alien, Diamond, Circle
91Yellow Alien, Green Alien, Circle, Diamond
96Pillar, Pillar, Green Alien, Square

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