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Madden NFL 2000Cheat Codes, GameShark Codes
Madden NFL 2001Hints
Madden NFL 2002Cheat Codes
Magical Tetris ChallengeCheat Codes, GameShark Codes
Magi NationCheat Codes, GameShark Codes, Hints
Marble MadnessGameShark Codes
Mario GolfCheat Codes, GameShark Codes, Hints
Mario TennisCheat Codes, Hints
Marvin Strikes Back!Hints
Mary-Kate and Ashley: Get a ClueCheat Codes
Mary-Kate and Ashley: Pocket PlannerCheat Codes
Mary-Kate and Ashley: Winner's CircleCheat Codes
Matchbox Caterpillar Construction ZoneCheat Codes
Matchbox: Emergency PatrolCheat Codes
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMXCheat Codes
Maya the Bee and Her FriendsCheat Codes
Mega Man ExtremeCheat Codes, Hints
Mega Man Extreme 2Cheat Codes, Hints
Men in BlackCheat Codes, GameShark Codes, Hints
Men in Black 2Cheat Codes
MerlinCheat Codes
Metal Gear SolidCheat Codes, GameShark Codes, Hints, Guide
Metroid 2: Return of SamusCheat Codes, GameShark Codes, Game Genie Codes, Hints
Mickey's Racing AdventureCheat Codes, GameShark Codes
Micro ManiacsGameShark Codes
Millennium Winter SportsGameShark Codes
Missile CommandGameShark Codes
Mission: ImpossibleGameShark Codes
M&M's Minis MadnessCheat Codes, Hints
MonopolyCheat Codes
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