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Das Geheimnis der Happy Hippo-InselCheat Mode
International RallyCheat Mode
DynaMikeLevel Codes
Powerpuff Girls: Paint the Townsville GreenCheat Codes, Hints, Guide
Ronaldo V SoccerGameShark Codes
Spider-Man 2: The Sinister SixCheat Codes
Space InvadersCheat Codes, GameShark Codes
Asterix: Search for DogmatixCheat Codes
Spy Hunter/Moon PatrolCheat Codes
TrouballsCheat Codes
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2Cheat Codes
Metroid 2: Return of SamusCheat Codes, GameShark Codes, Game Genie Codes, Hints
Extreme GhostbustersCheat Codes
Legend of the River KingCheat Codes, GameShark Codes
Looney TunesGameShark Codes, Hints
All-Star Baseball 2000Cheat Codes
Rampage: World TourCheat Codes
V-Rally '99Cheat Codes, Hints
Bass Masters ClassicGameShark Codes
BladeCheat Codes
Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle 4Cheat Codes
NBA Jam '99Cheat Codes
Tetris DXCheat Codes, Guide
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsGameShark Codes, Hints
Marvin Strikes Back!Hints
Atlantis: The Lost EmpireCheat Codes
Spy vs. SpyCheat Codes
Pokemon Gold/SilverCheat Codes, GameShark Codes, Game Genie Codes, Guides, UHS Module
Power QuestCheat Codes, GameShark Codes, Hints
Bomberman Max Blue: ChampionCheat Codes, Hints
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