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Feb. 26, 2009
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In game reset
Press [A] + [B] + [Start] + [Select] during game play.

Movement range
Press [B] on your opponent or any other character on the field to see where they are able to move (blue squares).
Expert missions
Upon completion of the game, wait for the credits to finish rolling. A screen will follow, stating that it is saving a game completion file over the most recently saved game. When you load the game, your file will have a star, marking that you have completed that file. When you accept missions at the pub now, the bartenders will offer the expert missions that they had been holding back.

Bonus missions
After clearing story mode and getting the star next to your save file, continue to complete all 300 missions. After you clear these missions, go to Bervenia Palace to see an intermission sequence with Judgemaster Cid. Afterwards, there will be a new mission at the pub. Clear the mission to have him join. With Cid on your team, about another ten missions will be unlocked with their own story. When you complete all the missions, there is another ending, and the credits roll. Nothing is gained from this except the many special clips and some fun and sometimes difficult missions.

Changing the missions
Once you see missions that you do not want to do, move around for a month (until it goes to Sagemoon, Madmoon, etc.). When its the next month, the missions will change when you go to the bar.

Ending credits
Win all 300 standard missions and the bonus Judgemaster Cid missions.

Zombie and ghost names
The three zombies in the Save The Prof mission are named Lyle, Colin, and Guiness, after the kids who picked on Mewt in the school yard.

The names are also the same for ghosts in the Mortal Snow mission, where Ritz joins your party.

Change the laws
When you go into a battle or mission and you do not like the laws, reset the game and load your file. Walk around the map until the "month" changes (Sagemoon, Madmoon, etc.). When you go into battle, the laws will be changed.

Press [L] while on the main map to access a list of the laws. The ones with arrows to their left are the ones currently in affect. You should only see two of them, but if you press [Up] you will see the other one. Every day the law farthest down the list (that as an arrow beside it) changes to the law below it. If you do not like the laws, just move around the map until they appeal to you.

Get Babus
Clear the Left Behind mission, then enter a town and clear the With Babus mission.

After you have completed the game and finished some of the new missions, Babus will appear at the pub asking for Marche to accompany him to find an item Mewt had left in Ambervale. Go there and you will see a reincarnation of Remedi and two Ahrimans. Kill her and them, and a scene featuring Babus staring at Mewt's stuffed bear will appear. Marche then offers to be clan mates with Babus, and he will then offer to join you.

Note: Babus may not offer to join and a new mission may not come up if you complete both the Left Behind and A Maiden's Cry missions at the same time.

Using Babus
Babus (and Ezel, for that matter) are unique characters. Status ailments are almost impossible to inflict on them, as is Time Magic. Babus has a 0% chance of being poisoned, slowed, put to sleep, immobilized, disabled and stopped, among other things. If he is surrounded by enemies, you can cast Stillness and he will not be affected. Also, if desired, give him an item that either nulls or absorbs Fire Magic. This is useful because when you cast Explode and are in range, you are healed while your enemies take damage. Give him the Lotus Mace to enhance Explode even more, or choose another mace if you desire better attack for his Counter. Give him the top items you can spare for magic power. Explode looks similar to Giga Flare, but is not as powerful. His MP is high, so do not worry about running out of magic.

Get Cid
Clear all three hundred numbered missions (not including link or reserve missions)

Get Eldena the Red Mage
Clear the Mission with Elda's Cup as a Mission Item, but not a mission that requires Elda's Cup (or you will never get the chance to have Eldena). She will appear randomly. If she does not appear, do another mission with that item. Note: It will be easier if you dispatch someone with a required number of days; if it left only one day to complete, save your game. Then, walk another space. The person you dispatched may clear the mission. If Eldena still does not appear, reload your game and retry until you get her. Eldena has two abilities already learned, DoubleCast and Barrier.

Get Ezel
Check your rumors often after some of your main missions. Go to Ezel and gossip with him. One time Ezel, will ask you to help him defend peace talks, and he will put a job (Reconciliation mission) in the pub. Go to the pub, take the job, and go to it. When you complete the job of defending the talks, Ezel will ask to join your party.

Using Ezel
Ezel is also apparently immune to most status ailments. Ezel is only good for his Azoth ability, meaning that unless you really need to, he can act like an Illusionist would -- get him as far away as possible. Try giving him the highest attack-powered Mace possible, such as the Cactus Stick. By doing this, if all enemies are sleeping from Azoth, he can move in and inflict a bit of damage to finish someone off. He is also extremely lucky to have the Block Arrows Reaction, because lots of units like sniping him out if they can. Increase his Def. and Res.

Get Lini the Mog Knight
Lini is one of the special characters in the game. He was one of Gaol's assistants and trusting friend. He is also shown in many mission screens. As you do mission 32: Tower Ruins, make sure you use the item "The Hero Gaol" and fight the battle against the enemies there. As you finish the battle, a recruitment box appears, and you get Lini the Moogle Knight. Lini has two great abililities, Mog Guard and Ultima Charge.

Get Litlevili
To get the semi-secret character Litlevili, you have to win the clan tournament (with the Brown Rabbits, etc.) that is held at the palace twice.

Get Ritz
After completing the main storyline missions, the Mortal Snow mission will appear at the pub. Take it, and Ritz will show up to help. After completing the mission, she will request to be invited on your clan.

Get Shara
Clear a Maidens Cry mission, then enter a town.

Do a Maidens Cry mission after you get the star on your save file.

Hint : Semi-secret characters
Special characters such as Lini the Mog Knight do not require that you use the item needed to recruit them in any specific mission. As an example, bring "The Hero Gaol" which is needed for Lini or "The Wyrmstone" which is required for Pallanza on any mission except one that it is required for (which would use it up). If you do not get a recruitment screen with the character you want after the mission, just try again on a new mission. This will work with all the different kinds of missions (dispatch, clan, battle, etc.)

Getting characters to join
On a dispute mission, you can get a certain type of person or creature that will join your clan. However, only send someone that is jumping. For example, send out a Banga, and if he is successful then a Banga will want to join your clan.

Get any job
Go to any month in the game. Bring your party down to five or less units. Go into a battle and flee. Go to a pub. Choose the mission "??? Help" or "??? Wanted". The ??? will be Moogle, Viera, Human, Nu Mou, or Bangaa. Go on that mission. After moving four spaces, save the game. Move one space and you will get a unit with a jobset of whatever the mission was. You can get any job in the game. If you get something that you do not want, reset the game and try again. A Blue Mage (Human), Mog Knight (Moogle), Sniper (Viera), Alchemist (Nu Mou), and a Defender, Gladiator, or Dragoon (Bangaa) is recommended.

Easy experience
Have Marche learn the skill First Aid as a Soldier. 2. When in battle, use First Aid on Marche. He will gain 10 experience points. Keep using this until he is at a high level, such as 15 or higher. Get in an engagement and KO every enemy except for one. Make sure it is an enemy that is no threat to you. Have all the characters that you want to level up attack Marche, being careful to watch his health and healing when necessary. They, will get good experience because Marche is at a higher level than they are. Note: If you attack an enemy one level lower than you are, you will get 8 experience points. If you attack one that is a level higher than you are, you will get 12 experience points, etc.

Engage in a battle. Kill all the enemies except for one. Make sure he/she is no threat to your characters. Try to box them into a corner. Then, take your highest level character(s) and have lower levels use potions on them. If the weak character and the strong character are 10 levels apart when the little one uses a potion on the big one you should get 30 experience points. This is an easy way to level.

Make Marche a Thief with the EXP Steal item. Then, go to a store and buy lots of Phoenix Downs. Engage with a clan. When you kill someone, have someone use the Phoenix Down on the character. Then, kill them again, or Steal EXP. Repeat until you are ready to quit, then finish them all off.

Get a Human or Moogle and make sure its at least level 15. Change it to a Thief, and give it a Khukuri so that it learns Steal: Exp. Fight a very weak clan such as Clan Shalo or Clan Dip. Make an opponent attack the thief on purpose from the back, so that the opponent gets about 36 experience. Then, use Steal EXP on that same opponent from behind (if possible), and it will steal most of the experience. Keep doing this; the higher the level it is, the easier it becomes.

When you are looking for a mission at the beginning of the game, look for a mission called Frosty Mage. Buy about ten Phoenix Downs and make sure that your main character has learned First Aid. Start the mission with some laws such as Forbidden Rapiers Recommended Great Swords. Kill every enemy but do not touch the two nodes that are the main target of this mission, Instead, have your main character use First Aid. It gives him 10 experience points each time, regardless of level, allowing you to get him up to level 50. Then, revive another character and have them attack him until they are level 50. Continue to do this until you get six characters to their maximum level.

Have at least two Moogles that know the Jugglers technique Smile. Then, have them cast that on the other Moogle who knows it. Do this repeatedly to get unlimited experience.

A Beastmaster is required for this trick. When the Flan Breakout mission appears, take it. In the mission you will see a lot Of flans. Kill all of them except for the one with the greatest level. Then, control it and try to kill him just with the action "Fight". You will receive a lot of experience points, and the damage will always be "1". You will receive more experience if you are at a low level. Continue doing this and you can get about four levels ups very quickly.

Easy AP
Limit your clan team members to only the ones you use, which should be about one of each race. Then, Montblanc will put up a mission asking for help to patrol and get a new member. This takes only five days and you will get 20 AP. All you need to do is decline him/her and a new one will soon appear.

Easy money
Notice that when you get Shara or Ritz, they come equipped with Ribbons which can be sold for 20,000 gil or equipped for protection from all status ailments (but for Viera only). Get Shara and Ritz, unequip their Ribbons and any other expensive or desired items, then dismiss them. Later on, a mission in the pub will appear to get Shara or Ritz back. Take that mission and get one of them back. They will be equipped with Ribbons again. Take the Ribbons off and dismiss them again. The mission in the pub will never go away.

Easy kills
Get a Viera to a Sniper. Give it a Hades Bow and teach them Death Sickle. This does work frequently, but requires about three or four turns. It will be a one hit kill. Use this skill under Sharpshot and if it hits, they will be dead quickly.

To kill enemies easily, first get a Moogle Animist. Get the War Trumpet to teach him Sheep Count. This move puts them to sleep. Next, get a Human Ninja and teach it Last Breath. This kills the enemy instantly. When you see the enemy that you want to kill, put it to sleep. Next, have the Ninja use Last Breath. When the enemy is asleep, the hit % is always 100%. This also works with a Gladiator with Beatdown.

Have someone use any move that can stop someone in time on an enemy. Then, have someone with an instant death move such as the Alchemist move Death on a enemy. The attack will have a 100% accuracy every time. Note: This might not work on Bosses.

Get an Assassin in your party. Equip a Petalchaser. This will give it the Last Breath ability, which if successful, will kill most enemies in one hit. After Last Breath is mastered, equip a Kotetsu. This will give the Assassin the Rockseal ability that petrifies the victim so they cannot fight for the remainder of the battle. After you have mastered Rockseal, eguip a Kikuichimonji. This will give the Assassin the Nightmare ability, which is a combination of Doom and Sleep.

When you have a Gunner in your party, line up with an enemy, and attack a person behind it. Note: This only works with an ally or enemy directly lined up with you. You can also do this with Archers if you aim correctly.

This trick requires a person with an ability to Doom (Sniper or Assassin) and a person with the move Haste (Time Mage, Templar). Use the person with the Doom ability, for example, the Sniper's Death Sickle. Then, get the person with Haste to use it on the Doomed person. This will make the enemy's turn come around quicker, thus killing them sooner. Note: It is best to disable or immobilize the enemy so that they do not attack you when their turn comes around quicker.

Defeating the Totema Ultima
It is best to use characters with range, such as Monks with Air Render, Black Mages, etc. You should also get the White Charm Card (which makes it illegal to use Charm). This will stop the Avatars from using the Logos move. From there, you can just strike from afar, with no fear of a counterattack. You can also use Moogles to summon Famfrit. By doing so, you should be able to complete this mission without taking any damage.

Defeating the final Boss
Get all of your characters up to level 50 and get Ramza to have two swords. Keep using Lightning Stab at the Boss. If you do not have it, keep attacking it with your best characters.

Allmighty card
To get the ultimate antilaw card clear the mission where you kill OGMA. You get an antilaw card that dispels all laws in the battle.

There is a mission where Ezel will ask you to get him Amber. You will get another Allmighty law card.

There is a mission where Ritz asks you for a Blue Flower. Give it to her and you will get the Allmighty card from Ritz.

Place three mountains next to each other to receive the Estreledge as a treasure hunt item. It is a sword with 72 ATK.

Hint:Gastra Bow and Zues Mace
Place Ozma in between Nargai and Cadoan for a treasure hunt. You will receive the Zues Mace and the Gastra Bow, two good and rare weapons.

Bonus intermission sequences
There are a few intermission sequences that appear after the game is completed, when you do extra missions. For example, one shows Ritz talking to you, Shara, and Babus; and after you do the missions it lets them join your team (although Ritz, Shara, and Babus are a lot weaker than when you had to fight them.

Double Swords
If a human learns Double Swords then equips two of the same weapon to learn a skill, they will learn it twice as fast. They will gain AP for each weapon.

Completing dispatch missions
When selecting a character to send out on a dispatch mission, watch the characters actions carefully. If they sit down or just walk, do not pick them. However, if they jump up and down, select them. You will successfully complete the mission. Note: Watch out for Moogles, as they tend not to be able to complete the missions.

Make other clan members talk
When you place your characters at the beginning of a fight where Marche would talk (any mission, but no encounters with other clan/groups), do not place Marche at all; or both Marche and Montblanc (if you do not want Montblanc or Marche to talk, because Montblanc will talk no matter what if placed at all, just like Marche). At the beginning of the fight, the character you placed first will talk and say something different than Marche would say; even Bangaas talk with the doubles.

Equipping abilities
At one job you learn certain abilities for that job, such as Marche as a soldier learning First Aid, Provoke, Speedbreak, etc. Then at another job, such as Marche as a Fighter learning the Fighter abilities, you can still use his Soldier abilities. This is the same for all the other characters such as Montblanc. Montblanc starts out as a Black Mage, and you can change his job. For example, if you change his job to Time Mage, you can still use his Black Mage abilities while also learning and using Time Mage abilities.

Stop moving on the map
When you are moving a long way on the map screen and want to stop somewhere before your destination, press [B]. You will stop at the next place on the map. For example, from Cyril to Ozmonfeild, when you press [B] you will go to the next town or place before your destination.

Predicting Dispatch missions
When you are selecting a unit to send on a Dispatch mission, the way they move will tell you a bit about how well they might do on it. A unit that starts jumping up and down will have an easy time with it; a unit that goes into a walk animation may or may not succeed; and a unit that goes into a crouch (low HP stance) will probably fail.

Defeating Li-Grim
Make sure everyone has no Holy weapons, as they will help Li-Grim. Have Dark weapons, as they will be more effective. Go on a day when the law is forbidden to target all, as she can summon random Totema. She summons two Matues at level 30. As Queen Remidi, she summons a level 28 Adrammelich and a level 28 Famfrit. Just focus on attacking Queen Remidi and Li-Grim.

Defeating Matues
Have everyone learn a combo that your allies can help in long range (for example, Bow Combo Gageteer combo). Then, get someone to do a combo. They will do over 400 damage, almost killing Matues. Try to do this with every Totema.

Copy trading
Note: This requires two games, two Game Boy Advances and a link cable. Have both you and a friend save on each save block before trading. Then, trade your friend the item that he wants that you have. After the trade, load up your other file and you will still have the item you traded.

Easy rare items
Note: This requires two games, two Game Boy Advances and a link cable. After you have done a link battle, or trading an item or character with your friend, go to any town and save. Go into the shop and select "Trade Items" and you will get a list of unusual items. Buy every item in stock, and if you do not get a good rare item, or the desired item, reload your game from before your save and return to the shop. The items will have changed.

More items on Treasure Hunts
When Marche gets a Treasure Hunt in an area, go to it. Click on the area and go to "Treasure Hunt". Start the Treasure Hunt, and as soon as Marche says that he has found something, start tapping [A] rapidly. If done fast enough, Marche will say that there appears to be something else here. You can repeat this, but each time you must tap [A] faster. The rarity and value of the items increases each time.

Powerful weapons
Note: This requires two games, two Game Boy Advances and a link cable. Whenever you do a battle with a link cable and are victorious, you will either get an item, or power up the item you already have. If you and your friend play the same link mission repeatedly, your weapon will power up time and time again. The items you get are: Arcia Hat, Sequence KnightSword, and the Sequa Rod. The Sequence KnightSword and the Sequa Rod will power up their power by +1 or +2 every battle, and the Arcia Hat will power up its Def and Res by +1 or +2 with every battle.

Mythril weapons
All Mythril weapons teach combos, and are the only weapons that can do so. Mythril weapons cannot be bought except through the trade goods shop (look for an item called "Metal"). Mythril weapons can be obtained through the Clan Wars. Mythril weapons are more commonly given as rewards from clan engagements (the little red soldiers on the world map) than from anywhere other than the trade goods shop.

Ultima move
Use the following trick to get the Ultima move for your main character. First, turn him into an Archer . Learn three moves for Archer then turn him into a Hunter. Equip Seventh Heaven and let him learn Ultima Shot . Turn him back into a Solider and pick Hunt ability. You will have an Ultima Sword instead.

Use the following trick to make a very strong Ultima move. First, turn your Bangaa into a Gladiator then give him the Materia Blade so that he can learn Ultima Sword. Then you have to master it (requires 999 AP points). Once done, turn him into a Dragoon and give him the Chirijiraden, because it has a very high attack. If you have a stronger sword, equip it. At level 30 you should be able to do at least 600 damage.

There is an Ultima ability for each race from the following weapons:
Human: Ultima Shot (Seventh Heaven)
Nou mu: Ultima Blow (Mace Of Zeus)
Viera: Ultima Masher (Zanmato)
Moogle: Ultima Charge ( Adaman Blade)
Bannga: Ultima Sword ( Adaman Blade)
The weapons are easily bought through the "Trade Items" option at shops.

Note : This trick requires the Mythril Rod. Give Montblanc the Mythril Rod until he masters Black Combo. Then, change him to a Mog Knight. When you are in battle, keep Marche and Montblanc close. When Marche does a combo, Montblanc will help.

When you only have one person using a combo on an enemy, it only does the normal damage. However, if you have more people with combos, you can do massive damage. For example, surround an enemy with four combat people, and have two archers. Have one person use combo and they will all chip in and do more damage.

Leveling up
A good way to level up a Nu Mou is to turn him into a Morpher and give him a Soul. Souls are obtained when a Hunter captures a monster. If you attack your team with the Soul, it will heal them but do damage to the other team. The same thing goes for their monster techniques.

Get out of jail and do Battle(?) missions easier
Wait for a clan to appear on the map. Once the clan appears, you can flee from the battle. This counts as a finished battle and affects the jail sentence, and any dispatch mission that reads Time-(?)Battles.

Scouring Time 2 mission: Easy completion
First, get Marche to have any of these classes: Ninja, Fighter, Thief, Blue Mage. For example, try a level 19 Marche as a Ninja with a Nosada, and therefore also had another weapon to increase his attack; and the best defensive items. When the fight starts, use Ninja Skill Metal Veil to blind Babus, then move in and use Fight repeatedly to attack two times per turn. Also, give Marche an Angel Ring if you have one, just in case. The Fighter Skill Air Render or Far Fist might also work for long distances if you are nervous about the gamble with Metal Veil. Alternately, make him either a Fighter or Ninja, then give him the Steal abilities as well. Make sure he knows Steal: Armor. You can get Babus' Lordly Robe this way. It is very rare.

Exodus battle
Before the Scouring Time mission, make Marche master one Black Mage and one White Mage ability so that he becomes a Blue Mage. Note: You can also use another person that can learn Damag>MP from the Judo Uniform. Give him a Judo Uniform and teach him Damage>MP. Then, complete the Scouring Time mission, which leads to an intermission sequence before another Totema battle (Exodus). When fighting, focus all of your energy on the Exodus Fruit. Do not attack Babus as it is a waste of time. When Babus attacks, you will lose all of your MP instead of your HP. The ability Damage>MP will give you 5 MP when it is your turn. Whenever Babus attacks, you will lose 5 MP instead of almost (or all) of your HP. Note: It may not be possible to win this battle without a Blue Mage.

Equip Marche with Mirror Mail. If Babus tries to cast a spell on you, it will just reflect back at him instead of hitting you.

Ultima battle
For the battle against Ultima, before taking the mission get the Law Card for Charm. Use it immediately when the battle starts. It also helps if Montblanc, or any other Moogle that you might have, has 10 JP and uses Famfrit.

Alchemist: Item ability
An Alchemist has an item ability no matter what. You can have a second ability such as Sage and the item ability as well.

Blue Mage and Def Less
Master level 3 Def Less before you reach level 49. Level 48 is the last level that you can get this; level 50 is the maximum in the game.

Powerful White Mage
Use the following trick to get a White Mage that does over 30 damage. Get your first Veira or Bunny to level 11 and get it to learn every job but Assassin and Summoner. Give it these items: Circlet, White Robe, Judge Staff.

Recommended classes and abilities
Ninja: 2x Thief Ability
Hunter: 2x Archer Ability
Paladin: 2x Soldier Ability
Fighter: 2x Soldier Ability
Blue Mage: 1x Black Mage / 1x White Mage

Veira (Bunnies)
Assassin: 1x Sniper Abilty / 2x Elementalist Ability
Sniper: 2x Archer Abilty
Elementalist: 1x Fencer Abilty / 1x White Mage Ability
Red Mage: 1x Fencer Abilty
Summoner: 2x White Mage Abilty / 2x Elementalist Ability

Banga (Lizards)
Warrior 2x: Dragoon / Defender / Gladiator
White Monk 2x: Bishop / Templar

Gunner: 1x Animist Ability
Mog Knight: 1x Animist Ability
Juggler: 2x thief Ability
Gadgeteer: 2x thief Ability
Time Mage: 5x Black Mage Ability

Nu Mou
Morpher: 5x Beastmaster Ability
Sage: 2x Beastmaster Ability / 3x White Mage
Illusionist: 5x Black mage Ability / 3x White Mage Ability
Alchemist: 5x Black mage Ability / 3x White Mage Ability
Time Mage: 5x Black Mage Ability
Also try the following combos.
Viera: Summoner / Red Mage (Double cast summons)
Human: Paladin/ Ninja (Two swords and Sword skills)
Create the following hybrid characters (described with Race, Job, Second Ability, R-Ability, S-Ability, and Combo).
Human Paladin, Fighter Tech, Counter, DoubleSword, Knight Combo. This class has one of the highest Weapon Defense, and excellent attack if it knows Double Sword. Start with a Soldier or Fighter for attack bonuses, or a Thief for a speed boost and decent MP levels.

Viera Assassin, Sharpshoot, Reflex, Concentrate, Assassin Combo. With Sniper Ability Conceal, she can move around undetected unless the enemy knows Reveal (Panthers, Couerls) and using Concentrate's boosted hit rate, she can KO people 90% of the time from the back, 80% from the side, and 70% from the front. Required Assassin abilities are Nightmare, Last Breath, Rockseal, and Ultima Masher. Start with an Archer; it has decent speed and attack ratings, or a Fencer for better speed and defense.

Moogle Gunner, Charge, Counter, Concentrate, Gunner Combo. With Charge ability Ultima Charge, he can shoot Ultima Magic from halfway across the battefield. Both Counter and Gunner Combo are also effective at long range. Concentrate is a must, as is the Gunner ability Stopshot. Start with an Animist or Black Mage for best use of Ultima.

Bangaa Dragoon, Sacred Tech, Dragonheart, Weapon Attack +, Dragon Combo. Using Dragoon Abilities, it is a fighting force, especially with Templar S-Ability Weapon Attack +. It can also provide good support with Astra and Haste. The Dragonheart is a requirement, as almost any attack is a weapon attack. After one of those, he automatically gains Auto-Life. Start with a White Monk for best results.

Viera Summoner, Red Magic, Reflex, Magic Pow +, Summoner Combo. Using Doublecast she can summon two times per turn. Magic Pow + makes her deadly. Start with a White Mage to make it the best.

Human Black Mage, White Magic, Return Magic, Geomancy or Turbo MP, Black Combo. A great offensive force with healing and support abilities. Start with a Black Mage, then go to White Mage after.

Human/Nu Mou Illusionist, White or Black Magic, Return Magic, Geomancy, Illusionist Combo. Either a powerhouse or a decent mix of power and support. Similar to the Black Mage hybrid described above.

Moogle Time Mage, Black Magic, Return Magic, Geomancy, Black Combo, Again, support mixed with offensive might. Start with a Black Mage to get the best Magic kickstart.

Nu Mou Morpher, Control, Damage > MP, Immunity, Morpher Combo. He can control or imitate monsters. Starting with a Beastmaster works best because of the high attack ratings. To get souls, let a Hunter capture monsters. Note: Only captured monster's abilities can be used (for example, if you have two Dragon Souls and have caught an Icewyrm and Firewyrm, you still cannot use Thundrake abilities). Start with a Beastmaster.

Human Blue Mage, Fighter Tech, Strikeback, Learning (or if all skills are mastered for Blue Mage then Double Sword or Weapon Atk +) Blue Combo. This mixed class gives decent Magic and Physical mix, from the Fighter and the Blue Mage. Note: To get a lot of the Blue Mage abilities, equip the S-Ability Learning, then have a Beastmaster control the monster you want to learn from and make it attack him. Also, enemy Blue Mages can attack you if you are lucky, and you will learn it also. Start with a Soldier, Fighter, or Thief, to get decent ATK ratings.

Nu Mou Sage, Alchemy Skill, Return Magic, Magic Pow +, Sage Combo. Giga Flare from the Sage and the Alchemist's Death are a strong combination. Start with a Black Mage.
In order to get the combo techniques you have to get the Mythril weapons for that job. They are as follows.
Alchemist: Mythril Mace
Animist: Mythril Bell
Archer: Mythril Bow
Assassin: Mythril Epee
Beastmaster: Mythril Bell
Bishop: Mythril Staff
Black Mage: Mythril Rod
Blue Mage: Mythril Saber
Defender: Mythril Brand
Dragoon: Mythril Spear
Elementalist: Mythril Rapier
Fencer: Mythril Rapier
Fighter: Mythril Blade
Gadgeteer: Mythril Claws
Gladiator: Mythril Blade
Gunner: Mythril Gun
Hunter: Mythril Shot
illusionist: Mythril Rod
Juggler: Mythril Knife
Mog Knight: Mythril Blade
Morpher: Mythril Soul
Ninja: Mythril Epee
Paladin: Mythril Brand
Red Mage: Mythril Rapier
Sage: Mythril Mace
Sniper: Mythril Shot
Soldier: Mythril Sword
Summoner: Mythril Staff
Templar: Mythril Brand
Thief: Mythril Knife
Time Mage: Mythril Rod
Warrior: Mythril Sword
White Mage: Mythril Staff
White Monk: Mythril Claws
Recommended team
Marche: Soldier
Montblanc: Black Mage
Banga: White Monk
Human: Soldier
Vierra: White Mage
Someone else: Black Mage
Try the following team (described with Class, Second Ability, R-Ability, S-Ability, and Combo).
Marche: Soldier, Chivalry, Strikeback, Double Sword Combat Combo
Montblanc: Time Mage, Black Magic, Return Magic, Concentrate,Black Combo
Viera (Starting job White Mage): Summoner, Red Magic, Reflex, Magic Power +, Summoner Combo
Any Moogle: Gunner, Charge, Counter, Concentrate, Gunner Combo
Any Nu Mou (Starting job Black Mage): Sage, Alchemy Skill, Return Magic, Magic Power +, Sage Combo
Any Bangaa: Dragoon, Sacred Tech, Dragonheart, Weapon Attack +, Dragon Combo
Try the following team:
Marche: Ninja
Montblanc: Gunner with Black Magic
Human: Hunter
Vierra: Assassin
Banga: Dragoon with Sacred Tech
Nou Mou: White Mage with Black Magic
Try the following team:
Marche: Solider with Ninja skills
Montblanc: Juggler with Gunmanship
Vierra: Sniper with Assassin moves
Banga: Templer with Dragon Tech
Nou Mou: Alchemist with Black Magic
Moogle: Thief with Animist powers
Try the following team:
Marche: Fighter with Ninja Skill and Double Sword
Montblanc: Black Mage
Human: Fighter with Ninja skill and Double Sword
Bangaa: Dragoon with Monk Tech
Nu Mou: White Mage with Black Magic
Veira: Summoner with Lunge Tech
Weapon references
Save The Queen: Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 9
Buster Sword: Final Fantasy 7
Lionheart: Final Fantasy 8
Lance of Kain: Final Fantasy 4
Tomberrian: Tonberry, famous Final Fantasy enemy
Materia Blade: Final Fantasy 7
Kikuichimoji: Final Fantasy Tactics
Odin Lance: Final Fantasy 7
God Hand: Final Fantasy 10
Masumune: Final Fantasy 7
Summon references
Exodus: Final Fantasy 5
Ultima: Final Fantasy Tactics
Famfrit: Final Fantasy 3
Adramalech: Final Fantasy Tactics
Ifrit: Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
Ramuh: Final Fantasy 6, 7 and 9
Shiva: Final Fantasy 4, 6, 7 and 8
Carbuncle: Final Fantasy 6 and 8
Phoenix: Final Fantasy 6 and 7
Name references
Judgemaster Cid: Every Final Fantasy game

When you are on the mission where you must rescue the professor, note the names of the enemy zombies. They are the same names of the bullies from school.

The Falgabirgs Maliris, Tiamat, Kraken, and Lich are also the Chaos Guardians to Planet Terra in Final Fantasy 9.
Legend Of Zelda reference
In the Fabled Sword mission, here is the mission description: "I found the designs for making the same sword used by a legendary swordsman! But, the ingredients are hard to find. Please help. Rewards: 12600 gil, Master Sword, 80 AP". The Legendary Swordsman is Link, and his weapon is the Master Sword.

Final Fantasy 6 reference
In the Magic Wood mission, one of the Moogles is called Bismark, which was an Esper in Final Fantasy 6.

Final Fantasy 8 reference
Save the Queen is also noted in Final Fantasy 8 as Quuistis' final weapon.

Mewt's alter ego
Mewt's alter ego is named Llednar Twem. Read it backwards and you will get "Mewt Randall".

Glitch: Two Sharas
Make sure not to go on the S.O.S. mission. Complete the game, then get Shara, (Ritz's best friend). Now that you have her in your clan, play the S.O.S. When you get into battle, notice that Ritz and Shara are fighting some monsters. You can also use the "other" Shara in your clan. Thus, there will be two Sharas on the battlefield.

Glitch: Misspelling
Look at the description of the Li-Grim's descent ability, it reads "Summmons random totema", with an extra letter "M".

Look at the description of the Tonberry and the Masterberry Knife ability. It reads "1/10" instead of "9/10".

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