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Super Bubble PopHints
Pokemon EmeraldHints
One Piece: Dragon Dream!Cheat Codes
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue TeamCheat Codes, Hints
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue TeamCheat Codes, Hints
Dragon Ball GT: TransformationCheat Codes
Disney's Meet the RobinsonsHints
Astro Boy: Omega FactorSavegame
Castlevania: Circle of the MoonSavegame
Castlevania: Harmony of DissonanceSavegame
Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceSavegame
Metroid: Zero MissionSavegame
Yu-Gi-Oh! the Sacred CardsSavegame
Sonic AdvanceSavegame
Final Fantasy I and IISavegame
Mother 3Hints
Castlevania: Aria of SorrowSavegame
RatatouilleCheat Codes
Flushed AwayCheat Codes
Dora the Explorer: The Search for Pirate Pig's TreasureCheat Codes, Hints
F-Zero ClimaxCheat Codes
bit Generations: DialhexHints
Drill DozerGuide updated
Monster Truck MadnessHints
Power Rangers: Ninja StormCheat Codes
Sonic BattleHints
WWF: Road to WrestlemaniaCheat Codes
Cartoon Network Block Party / Cartoon Network Speedway Double PackCheat Codes, Hints
Drake and JoshCheats added
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