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Debug mode
Select "Classics", then move [Up] or [Down] to any slot. Hold [LS] or [RS] while pressing [Right] or [Left] to bring up a 12 digit alpha-numeric display. This "code" represents the piece of music in that slot.

Here is a partial list of what they do, listed from left to right:
0 0-4 Determines name of piece (Imperial, Aspen, etc.)
0 0-F " "
0 0-F Determines "style" of play (smooth, syncopated, etc.)?
0 0-F " " ?
0 0-F " " ?
0 0-F " " ?
A A-X Melody seed
A A-X Key (A#, C, etc.)
A A-X Music Type (Fugue, Adagio, etc.)
A A-X ?
A A-L Instrument (Piano - Trumpet)
A A-G ?

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