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Creature ShockGame Guru Codes, Walkthrough
Crash 'n' BurnCheat Codes, Game Guru Codes, Hints
Star FighterCheat Codes, Game Guru Codes, Hints, Guide
BladeForceCheat Codes
GriddersCheat Codes
LemmingsCheat Codes, Guides
Yu Yu HakusoCheat Codes
CyberiaCheat Codes, Game Guru Codes, Walkthrough
ImmercenaryCheat Codes, Hints
C.P.U. BachCheat Codes
Super Street Fighter 2 TurboCheat Codes, Guide
Out of This WorldCheat Codes, Walkthrough, UHS Module
Way of the WarriorCheat Codes
Shockwave: Invasion EarthCheat Codes, Guide
Wolfenstein 3DCheat Codes, Hints, Guide, Maps
BattlesportCheat Codes, Game Guru Codes
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4Guide
Alone in the Dark 2Cheat Codes, Guide, UHS Module
Super Wing CommanderCheat Codes, Guide
Wing Commander 3: Heart of the TigerCheat Codes, Hints, Guides
Winning PostHints
Shockwave: Operation JumpgateCheat Codes, Guide
Off-World InterceptorCheat Codes
3DO HardwareCheat Codes
Psychic DetectiveGuides
Defcon 5Guide
Night TrapCheat Codes
Quarterback AttackGame Guru Codes
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