Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition Cheats - Xbox One

 All cheats for this game by platform: Xbox One
Check out these Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

Bob the destroyer (50) - Kill at least 150 zombies in one combo while driving a bulldozer.
Can't hide from me (15) - Kill 500 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.
Combo Master (50) - Make a 10,000 points combo.
Dirty work (secret) (25) - Defeat the first boss in Story mode.
Fair Play (25) - Kill 100 enemies in the Blood Race mode.
Father of all zombies (secret) (50) - Defeat the last boss in Story mode.
Find your own race track! (40) - Kill 30 enemies during an Eliminator event in the Blood Race mode.
Heavy hitter! (10) - Kill 20 or more zombies with one shot while driving the tank.
Hot deal (25) - Put out the fires in the shopping mall.
Hot rod! (10) - Obtain the sports car in Story mode.
I Am The Law (20) - Unlock the police squad car in Story mode.
I don't want it to end yet! (10) - Survive for more than 2:30 in an Endurance event in the Blood Race mode.
I just can't get enough! (100) - Win all tournaments in the Blood Race mode.
I'm just warming up (10) - Kill 100 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.
Look! I know how to drive! (5) - Earn your first Blood Race mode medal.
Maybe it is too much to handle... (15) - Unlock the Muscle Car in the Blood Race mode.
Missed Flight (25) - Progress to the airport base in Story mode.
My favourite color (100) - Earn a gold medal on all original arenas in Slaughter mode.
Naughty, naughty (25) - Destroy 1,500 destructibles in Slaughter mode.
Out of my way! (25) - Kill 30 zombies with a single railgun shot.
Pimp Car (25) - Fully upgrade one car in Story mode.
Slaughtermaster (30) - Earn 150,000 points on any arena in Slaughter mode.
Sunken Hope (25) - Move to the harbor base in Story mode.
Superbeast (25) - Unlock the super car in Story mode.
The best car ever! (40) - Get all car upgrades in a single game in Slaughter mode.
The Last Express (25) - Progress to the train station base in Story mode.
Very Important Person (15) - Unlock the mayor's White Limousine in Story mode.
Your 5 minutes (30) - Ensure that the TV van reaches the base with at least 50% of health.
Zombie Driver (secret) (100) - Complete the Story mode.
Zombie Plants must die! (secret) (50) - Defeat the mutated zombie plant in Story mode.

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