Wing Commander Arena Cheats - Xbox 360

 All cheats for this game by platform: Xbox 360
Check out these Wing Commander Arena cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Ace (20) - Defeat 5 ships in a Ranked Xbox LIVE match without respawning
Commando (10) - Earned ULF Commando Tattoo (15 frags in a Melee match)
Deathstroke (20) - Finish in first place in any Ranked Free For All match
Dogfight (10) - Shot down first pilot in a Xbox LIVE match
Gunfighter (20) - Win a Ranked Duel with each ship type
Hibernation (20) - Reach a streak of 5 in a Bearpit game
Hot Dog (20) - Complete each Ring Game difficulty level
Navigator (10) - Travel through every gold jump gate in the game
Paladin (30) - Shoot down 1000 pilots on Xbox LIVE
Retro (10) - Reach wave 20 in Meteor Storm
TCS Tiger's Claw (10) - Compete a 16 player Capital Ship game
Untouchable (20) - Reach wave 10 in Gauntlet without ever taking damage to your hull

Unlock Kilrathi Ships
Darket Raptor - 10 Kills in Melee
Darket Stalker - 15 Kills in Melee
Dralthi IX Rhino - 1 Kill in Ranked Free-for-All
Dralthi IX Shank - Wave 5 in Meteor Storm
Paktahn Mauler - Destroy a Capital Ship
Paktahn Phantom - Reach Wave 5 in Gauntlet
Paktahn Tusk - Earn Hibernation Achievement

Unlock Tarren Ships
A-17 Broadsword Behemoth - Win Ranked Free-for-All
A-17 Broadsword Executioner - Reach Wave 5 in Gauntlet
A-17 Broadsword Warpig - 4 Kills in Ranked Duel
F-27 Arrow Eclipse - 10 Kills in Melee
F-27 Arrow Guardian - 15 Kills in Melee
F-44 Rapier II Cavaier - Earn Navigator Achievement
F-44 Rapier II Vanguard - Wave 5 in Meteor Storm

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