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Primary Collection of Cheats
Enable the Super Cheat Menu
Begin the game and move Ecco left and right. Press [Start] to pause the game while Ecco is turning. You have to pause it when Ecco is directly facing you. When you do that, press [Right], [B], [C], [B], [C], [Down], [C], [Up]. If you did it right, a cheat menu that has options such as stage select, message test, sound test, and more, will appear.

Input a valid password, then press [Start], and wait for the screen that shows the name of the level you're currently in with your password. Next, hold [A] and [Start]. Keep hold of [A] and [Start] until Ecco appears on the screen. Now press [Start] to unpause and you will be invincible.
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Level Passwords
Level Passwords
The Undercaves: UYNAINCC
The Undercaves 2: DQDIACCI

Level Passwords 2
The Lagoon: NDRBRIKR
Ridge Water: HYAUGFLV
Open Ocean: FNCQWBMT

Level Passwords 3
The Ice Zone: DWFFZBMV
Hard Water Zone: QGDJRQLA
Cold Water Zone: MCLFRQLW

Level Passwords 4
The Island Zone: UWXIOQLK
Deep Water Zone: EILQOQLC
The Marble Sea: XAKUQQLS

Level Passwords 5
The Library: FDGXQQLC
City of Forever: AABBRQLU

Level Passwords 6
Jurassic Beach: PLABUNLT
Pteranodon Pond: FQREUNLI
Origin Beach: QXKIUNLX

Level Passwords 7
Trilobite Circle: OBEMUNLX
Dark Water: JNXPUNLA
Deep Water 2: WSGAKNLC

Level Passwords 8
City of Forever 2: ZBPIGPLD
The Machine: SDDBKMLG

Final Level Password
The Last Fight: KNLMLMLC

Undercaves Password
Undercaves: NVNAINCR

Last Fight Password
Last Fight: AJPPOWAX
Easy Password List
By entering an even combination of A's and N's in different sequences for your password, you can gain access to a variety of levels within the game. Here's a list of password combinations and the levels they take you to:

AANNNNAA - Deep City
NNNAANAA - The Marble Sea
AAAANNNN - Origin Beach
NNNNAAAA - Island Zone
NNNAAAAN - Undercaves
AAAAAAAA - Undercaves
NNNNNNNN - Welcome to The Machine
AAANNNNA - Welcome to The Machine
ANANAANN - The Vents
AANNAANN - The Vents
NNAANNAA - Dark Water
NANANNAA - Dark Water
ANNANNAA - Dark Water
ANANANAN - Hard Water
NANANANA - Hard Water
AANNANAN - Hard Water
NNAANANA - Hard Water

All other combinations will not work, and will transport Ecco back to the starting screen of the game.

Alternate Password Entry
When you are in the "password entry" screen, you can enter these "please" codes to reach the corresponding levels:

PLEASEHH - City of Forever
PLEASEKK - Deep City
PLEASEOO - Final Fight
PLEASEFF - Island Zone
PLEASEUU - Marble Sea
PLEASEWW - Open Ocean
PLEASEQQ - Origin Beach
PLEASEGG - Pteranadon Pond
PLEASEZZ - Ridge Water
PLEASEII - Undercaves
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Big Blue Message (50) - Find the glyph in Island Zone that tells you to find Big Blue.
Death Sonar (10) - Acquire the Death Sonar.
Ecco the Hero (10) - Rescue the dolphin family in The Lagoon level.
Game Win 2x (10) - Complete the game 2 times.
Game Win 3 (20) - Complete the game without dying more than 3 times.
Life Saver (10) - Reach Ridge Water without dying.
Octopus Avoider (15) - Pass the Undercaves without being hit by an Octopus.
Shark Killer (10) - Kill 10 Sharks in a row.
Sonar Free (35) - Reach the Dark Water Level without the Death Sonar.
Sonar User (10) - Kill 30 enemies with the Death Sonar.
Songs in the Sea (15) - Find the hidden glyph in Origin Beach ("Never have we heard...").
Undercaves Survival (5) - Pass the Undercaves without dying once.

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