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All Weapons
Hold [White] + [Black] then quickly press [Right]x2, [Down], [Up], [Left]x2 during game play in offline single player mode.
EA Formation
After unlocking the Frag Grenade weapon challenge, complete all rounds and kill every enemy until round ten. If every enemy is killed, you will go into round eleven. In this round, the soldiers move and create the shape of first an "E", then an "A" as a reference to EA Games.

Hotswap Challenge
When doing the Hotswap Challenge, it is easier if you move towards the marker to make more "Hotswaps" available. By doing this, you will not lose 1,000 points.

RPG Rocket Challenge
On the RPG Rocket Challenge, the further you are away when you blow a vehicle up, the more points you get. An easy way to rack up points is to take down a vehicle's shield down at close range, hotswap to a further away RPG man, then finish the vehicle off.

Air Traffic Control: Get Two Helicopters Easily
When you begin the Air Traffic Control level, you will start out as a sniper. Directly behind you is a chopper. Turn around as soon as the level begins if you want a good shot. You should be able to shoot him and the chopper will fall a short distance directly in front of you. Make sure you hit the pilot, and not the chopper. Note: It may require a few attempts to hit the pilot. It will not explode. You can then get in and shoot out the turrets with the chopper. When the jeeps come by, hotswap to one and go directly past the turrets and into the helicopter inside the heliport. You have now acquired two helicopters, making this level very easy.

Multi-player: Conquest Game
In a conquest game in multi-player mode, load up a chopper to its maximum and the paradrop one person at a time over the flag. This can be done five times total, including the chopper pilot.

Avoiding Missiles
When in multi-player mode and flying a helicopter, if you start to get laser targeted (not GTAM), fly as fast as possible, and at the same time get as low to the ground as you possible. By doing this, the missile will hit the ground and miss you almost all the time, if done correctly.

Boost PPH and Score in Online Play
When you spawn, become a engineer. Go to the ammo and health crates. Stand between the crates, take your rockets, and shoot the ground just close enough to where it only takes down half of your health. When the health crate heals you, it will give you one point. Repeat this as needed.

Glitch: Spec Op: Hidden Area
On the map Spec-Op at flag 5, go to the building closest to it. Then, go to the right of the building. It is on the opposite side from the garage. Go up there and press [X]. Just before you hit your head on the stairs, jump. Once you are through, this is what you can see.

Glitch: Deadlypass: Get Under Bulding
At flag 6 there will be a metal stairwell near all the market stalls and vases. To get underneath that building, press [X] and jump just before you hit the stairs with your head. When you are in the stairs, keep jumping and eventually you will get in the building. Do not go to the very back of the building or you will get stuck in a crevice.

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