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Unlock Trophies
Adventurer (Silver) - Collected all usable items.
Award (Silver) - Picked up a trophy.
Cat (Bronze) - Fed a cat.
Collector (Gold) - Collected all items.
Craft (Gold) - Completed the radio.
Dawn (Gold) - Cleared Chapter 7.
Dead of Night (Silver) - Cleared Chapter 6.
Dusk (Bronze) - Cleared the opening.
Evening (Bronze) - Cleared Chapter 2.
Hide and Seek (Bronze) - Hid a total of 50 times.
Home (Bronze) - Stayed home for a total of 15 minutes.
Indomitable (Bronze) - Suffered a Game Over a total of 30 times.
Investigate (Gold) - Completed the puzzle.
Kick the Can (Bronze) - Kicked the can a total of 50 times.
Kidnapped (Bronze) - Kidnapped by Mr. Yomawari.
Late Night (Silver) - Cleared Chapter 5.
Long Night (Silver) - Played a total of 50 hours.
Memoirs (Gold) - Collected all collectable items for your room.
Midnight (Bronze) - Cleared Chapter 3.
Monster Cat (Silver) - Picked up the Big Bell.
Moonless Night (Bronze) - Cleared Chapter 4.
Offering (Bronze) - Made an offering to Jizo Statues a total of 50 times.
Pitch Dark (Silver) - Played a total of 10 minutes without the flashlight on.
Search (Bronze) - Opened Garbage Bags a total of 20 times.
Sis (Bronze) - Talked to Sis a total of 12 times.
Sundown (Bronze) - Cleared Chapter 1.
The Night Alone (Platinum) - Earned all other trophies.
Wild Spirit (Gold) - Found the Tsuchinoko.

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