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Display coordinates
Press [Down], [Up], [Left], [Up], [Down], [Right]x2, [Down], [Select] during game play.

Gouraud shaded cycle
Press [Square]x2, "X ", "Triangle ", "Circle ", "Square ", "X ", [Square], [Select] during game play.

Paint trails
Press [Triangle], [X], [Triangle], [Square]x2, [Triangle], [Circle], [X], [Select] during game play.

Disco colors
Press [X], "Circle ", "Square ", [X]x2" ", [Triangle]x2, [Select] during game play.

View FMV sequences
Press [Circle], [X], [Square], [Circle], [Square], [Triangle]x2, [Circle], [Select] during game play.

Wave landscape
Press [Up], [Left], [Right]x2, [Down], [Up], [Down], [Up], [Select] during game play.

Techno-Funk song
Press [Left], [Up], [Right]x2, [Left], [Down]x2, [Right], [Select] during game play. Tricks
Use the following controller actions right before a jump to perform the corresponding trick. The actual moves vary between each character.

Nac Nac[R2]
Special Move #1[R1], [R2], [R1], [R2]
Special Move #2[R1]x4
Special Move #3[R2]x4
Special Move #4[R1]x2, [R2]x2
Special Move #5[R2]x2, [R1]x2
Bonus tracks
If sufficient tricks are performed during season mode, bonus tracks will become available in the following order: Moon, Desert, Moon, Figure-8 Supercross. Note : The Moon track has a one minute time limit. The Desert track ends when you fall off the side. The Figure-8 Supercross track never ends.

Quick start and crash recovery
Hold [Square] + [X] when the race begins for a fast start with a wheelie. This also may be done after a crash to resume the race quicker.

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