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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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In-game reset
Hold [L1] + [L2] + "R1+ R2" + [Start] + [Select] during game play to return to the main menu.
for your weapons
Early in the game, immediately after defeating the Minotaur Boss and receive the Chain ability, an attack dummy will appear in the save room outside the Minotaur's lair. The dummy not only gives you points toward learning new battle abilities, gained by chaining your attacks. It also gives human class experience to the weapon you are using as you attack the dummy. It gives the human class experience at the same rate you would get if you were attacking a real human class enemy.

Rare Grimoires for five different spells in one location
At the Sinner's Corner save point/teleport/room and the four rooms immediately surrounding it is a phantom class enemy called the Dark Eye. After a Dark Eye is defeated it may drop a Grimoire for one of five different, rare, warlock class spells. Those spells are Solid Shock, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Vulcan Lance, and Dark Chant. Note: that these Rare Grimoires are dropped very infrequently, and some time is needed to get them.

When two items that are exactly the same are combined, the resulting item will be the same type of item, but will have higher stats. For example, if you have two identical short swords and combine them, you will lose those two short swords and get a new third short sword, with slightly higher stats.

Do not stop chaining just because you miss, even on the first hit. Chain hits after a miss will continue to add up one to two points each hit, even if you are at 100 Risk. Of course, it takes a while to defeat anybody that way, but if you are stuck in a fight you cannot get out of it works. This is especially useful if you chain Gain Magic with Heavy Shot -- this will refill your MP and give you unlimited healing during a fight (Gain Magic never seems to miss), and hurt your opponent somewhat in the process.

Save MP when healing
Cast the healing spell when you are in battle mode. This will give you more HP than just healing when in normal/relaxed mode.

Easy training dummies
Note: This feature works best with a controller with an auto-fire feature. When hitting a dummy just keep pressing [Circle]. Only do this for about ten minutes or else he will die and you will just open and close your battle sphere. Then, exit two or more doors to replenish the dummy's health after you kill him and do it again. Note: Kill all enemies in the room first.

Training dummies
Throughout the game you will find training dummies near save points. These training dummies allow you to practice combos and power-up your weaponry. The locations of the training dummies are as follows.
Wine Cellar, "Blackmarket": Human dummy
Wine Cellar, "Worker's Restroom": Human dummy
Abandoned Mines B1, "The Dark Tunnel": Beast dummy
Catacombs, "Hall of Sworn Revenge": Undead dummy
City Walls North, "From Boy to Hero": Phantom dummy
City Walls South, "The Boy's Training Room": Dragon dummy
Town Center East, "Gharmes Walk": Evil dummy
Weapon and shield combinations
Combine two Hangane Dubble-Blades to get a Hangane Halberd (Weapon)
Combine two Nodachis to get a Rune Blade (Weapon)
Combine two Khopeshes to get a Wakizashi (Weapon)
Combine an Oval and a Heater to get a Knight (Shield)
Defeating the rock opponent
Before fighting the rock opponent, take out the club and shield and enter the room. Do not go down the stairs. Instead, go all the way to the right, next to the pillars, and jump off. This will allow you to kill him easier.

Defeating Elemental Phantoms
Once you defeat a Phantom, he will give you a radial spell (such as Flame Sphere the fire elemental, or the Avalanche the water elemental, etc.) Use these spells against enemies with the opposite affinity enemy. For example, use the Thunderburst against the Earth Elemental. If necessary, first use "Enlighten", then attack. If you have a weapon stronger against Phantoms, the better. You will be able to kill them with a single attack.

Defeating Elementals
First, use a Fusion spell on yourself. Then, start chaining its belly for easier chaining.

Easy Boss battles
Have Instill in your chain abilities. Attack normal enemies chaining Instill and another ability. Do this until your weapon's Phantom Points are full. Switch your weapon and repeat this process. When all of your weapons are full, fight the Boss. At this point, switch your chain abilities so that you have Phantom Pain in your arsenal. Attack the Boss with your first weapon, using the Phantom Pain chain ability. Switch your weapon. Repeat the process. Since most weapons have around 100 PP, this makes quick work of almost any Boss.

Stop Bosses from doing magic
To stop Bosses from doing any magic, do not use any magic on them. If you do and it misses, the Boss will gain the MP off your attack and use magical attacks.

Defeating Asura
This trick requires a Wakizashi Blade, Papillion Reel break art, and Dispel magic. Fight Asura as late as you can on replay to take advantage of your slightly higher stats. As she casts the "Surging Balm" magic that regenerates her HP, casts "Dispel" on her. She will always try to cast Surging Balm again, preventing her from using her most powerful moves. Attack her with Papillion Reel, which will result in about 80 HP with each hit. Heal as needed and she will be defeated after about nine turns without attacking you once. Keep HP regenerating items and some MP items on hand. You may also cast "Leadbones" magic and "Invigorate" on you to be sure not to miss any attack.

Defeating Dullahan (Titan)
After killing the minotaur and acquiring both the Seventh Heaven and Chain abilities, practice combining chains on the practice dummy until you are able to string together at least twelve chains. When you have finally made it to the room that Dullahan is in, cast Degenerate on him as soon as possible. Follow this up with a series of chain attacks. Note: Use the attack abilities that can inflict 70% of original damage that was inflicted with the initial blow.

Easy Dragon battles
In order to defeat any Dragon Boss (Wyverns, Dragon, Earth Dragon, etc.) easily, it is important to run up as close as possible (in the case of Dragons, you can get under their heads) and stay there. The Dragons' only powerful moves are long range (fire, acid breath) and they cannot hit a close target. Be wary about casting Degenerate, because they are smart enough to know that they have lowered powers and will evade attacks better. Also, make sure you use proper affinity defense commands and chain attacks.

Charming enemies
When you are around a human, they usually think you are the enemy and will attack. Use heal on one soldier three times and a heart shape will appear above his head. When you are in a room with such a guard, he will help you during battle. This does not work during Boss battles. The guards will not follow you to a different screen or area. This is useful in areas with one or more guard, and only one of the guards can use magic.

Romphia at the start of the game
After you fight the second Boss (the weaker form of the Dark Crusader), go back into the room and check his stats. He should have an iron Romphia. If you want a silver Romphia, go to Iron Maiden B2 near the last Crusader with the Holy Win.

Easy affinity
Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. Find a training dummy you need an affinity for and the set the auto-fire to [Circle]. This is useful when raising affinity getting items, learning break arts and techniques, and completing the gazette.

Easy regeneration
To regenerate to full HP, MP, and zero risk, kill all enemies is the current room. Enter relaxed mode and just wait. Note: This excludes bad status such as poison, numbness, etc.

Dread armor
Dread is the best armor in most cases. To make Dread armor, combine two Jazeraint peices. To get Jazeraint, combine two Hoplites. In most cases, combine Plated with Fluted to get Hoplite. Gloves are the exception; combine a Rondache and a Plate Glove to get a Tilt Glove, then combine two Tilt gloves to get a Freitenure, next combine that with the Fluted to make Hoplite. In the case of helms, combine a Burgonet with a Close Helm to make a Hoplite helm. Making a Dread shield works the same way. Combine an Oval Shield with a Knight Shield to make Hoplite.

The Holy Win
The last Boss has a weapon called the Holy Win, that is in the shape of the "Rood". You also can get this weapon. During a reply game, enter the Iron Maiden and defeat Asura on the third floor. Next, go back down the Iron Maiden until you get to the door to the second floor. Now, use magic or Break Arts to lower your HP to below 150. Then, enter the second floor. You have new enemies to face, so be ready. When you get to the room that takes you to the third floor, you will see an enemy holding the weapon. Kill him and you may get it. If not, go to the third floor and back to try again. Remember to keep your HP under 150 and use Break Arts as needed.

The Hand of Light
Your first Boss in the game is the Mighty Minotaur. He has a big mace called The Hand of Light, which you can get. After you find the Stock Sigil later in the game, return to the place where you battled the Minotaur to find his Zombie. He respawns, just like any other enemy. Kill him repeatedly and you may be rewarded with his weapon.

Damascus Destroyer
Combine four Damascus Tabars to make a Damascus Crescent. Then, combine three Silver Khukuris into the Crescent to make a Damascus Griever. Repeat this to get a Damascus Destroyer. Add three Arturos Gems to it and an Elephant Grip to make it 2 STR higher than the Holy Win.

Heater shield
Combine a Knight shield and Oval shield to get a Heater shield.

Raging Ache
Sometimes it seems that this chain ability is almost useless when you are healthy. However, if you have to fight against an enemy and none of the weapons you have can produce significant damage to it, use a few Break Arts until your HP is very low. It now does not matter if you have 100 Risk nor 0/0% damage. Each strike with the Raging Ache will cause an important amount of damage to your foe. The lower HP you have, the greater the damage you will cause.

The Crossbow is one of the best weapons in the game. If you are in a situation when you do not want to fight close range, the crossbow takes care of that issue. When you save up on multiple enemies, your stats will decrease in other fields. The best method is to have lots of crossbows specialized for different enemy types.

Customizing an ultimate weapon
When you bring a weapons stat to 100 and combine it with the exact same weapon, it turns out to be 100. For example, if you have a Phantom Damascus Holy Win sword with 100 stat in the Phantom category and you also have a weapon that is identical in material and type, and it specialized in Dragon with 100. Combine the two to receive a sword that excels in both fields. Your sword now has 100 in Dragon and Phantom class. Get another Holy Win, specialize it in a different field, and repeat the process until you have a weapon that has 100 stat in each of the enemy classes. This trick works for all weapons.

Better weapon use
Different weapons work better on different enemies. For example, the sword works better on humans and beasts than on dragons, and polearm weapons work better on dragons. Use your weapons wisely. Carry the maximum amount of weapons and have each weapon assigned to one or two class(es) of enemies. For example, use a sword only on human and beast and polearm only for dragon. The best weapon matches are as follows:
Sword: Human and beast
Polearm: Dragon
Dagger: Evil (perhaps a Damascus sword)
Sword: Phantom
Sword: Undead (or a dagger; Damascus Sword works best)
Bow: Beast
Bow: Evil
Wand: With three gems which add 20% chance to magic being successful

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