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Nov. 29, 2006
Super short
Successfully complete the game one time, and a replay option will appear. This will allow you start the game with an unnamed drug. The drug has the same effect as Apollinar, but when you short, it will allow you to run, decrease your HP slower, and will automatically kill all Bosses. When you use some Delemoter this status will go away, but every time you short after that it will still be a super short.

Easy kill for both forms of Dr. Lem
Use the following trick for an easy kill for both forms of Dr. Lem during the Boss fight at the end of Disc 1. Run around until your AP is maxed, and then enter the Boss room. When the battle begins, simply short on Dr. Lem and he will fall to the ground, dead like any regular enemy. After the FMV sequence, you will have to fight his second form. You should still be shorting. Just stand there and allow him get close to you. He will fall dead. When you save and start on Disc 2, your AP will have returned to normal. Note: This trick does not work on any other Boss.

Defeating the first robot
Take the "enhancement to powers" drug. Make sure you have Nalcon selected for your power. Go to the part of the room you encounter him in and run to the assembly line. He should get trapped by the wall just before it. As he starts to fire his weapon, charge and use Nalcon Blast on him. Repeat as needed. After seven or eight shots, he will fall. Remember to time it perfectly or he will get a shot in.

Glitch: Invisible on monitor
When entering the secured corridor, use the security card on the wall -mounted lock terminal to pass through the locked gate. Have Rion use his psychic powers on the door ahead of you. You will see a blue button and some monitors. One of the monitors displays the room that you are in, but you will not be on the screen.

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