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Unlock Bonuses
After you complete the game you are given the opportunity to save the game. This is the New Game + data, and when you load it your given a couple of benefits which are listed below:

Character Stats - You retain the EXP, Money, Weapons and Levels that you've gained on your previous excursions.
Hard Mode - You unlock Hard Mode which can be selected ONLY for Skirmishes.
Mission Replayability - You can now play all of the storyline missions as many times as you'd like (You will need to go through chapter by chapter clearing the missions.
Music Tab - You can now listen to the various musical pieces from the game.
Statistics Tab - You can now see the statistics of the missions (The rank you gained for the particular mission, and the number of turns it took you to complete).

Unlock Hidden Recruits
There is a hidden character that can be unlocked for each class by doing specific in game tasks. They are unlocked as follows:

Audrey (Lancer) - Earn 10 or more medals.
Emile (Sniper) - Unlock Oscar's hidden potential, the let him die in battle.
Knute (Engineer) - Enter the Command Room with 1,000,000 DCT.
Musaad (Scout) - Beat the game.

Unlock Elite Class Bonuses - Weapon Attachments
You can unlock weapon attachments for your Shocktroopers and Scouts by leveling them up to Lv. 11. Once they're Lv. 11, the following weapons are unlocked:

Flamethrowers: Level your Shocktroopers to Lv. 11 - Trooper Elite.
Grenade Launchers: Level your Scouts to Lv. 11 - Scout Elite.

Unlock Medals
Excellence in Armament: Commission all weapon upgrades and collect all enemy ace and royal weapons.
Excellence in Leadership: Learn every order.
Excellence in Technology: Commission all tank upgrades (including all three level 3 Edelweiss upgrades) and collect all enemy ace tank parts.
Fouzen Service Medal: Complete the Chapter 10 battle.
Gallian Front Commemorative: Complete all chapters and reports.
Gallian Medal of Honor: Complete the Chapter 9 battle.
Ghirlandaio Service Medal: Complete the second Chapter 15 battle.
Naggiar Service Medal: Complete the Chapter 14 battle.
Order of the Golden Wings: Train all character classes to level 20.
Order of the Holy Lance: Earn an A Rank on any chapter battle after Chapter 10.
Order of the Holy Shield: Complete any chapter battle after Chapter 10 without any of your units being reduced to 0 HP.
Randgriz Crest of Honor: Earn and A Rank on every battle, including all reports and all ranks of all skirmish battles.
Savior of Gallia: Beat the game and begin a new game from the saved file.
The Bronze Arms of Gallia: Kill 250 enemy units.
The Crimson Heart: Have a soldier who has fallen in combat survive eiter by calling a medic or clearing the battle before they die.
The Golden Arms of Gallia: Kill 1000 enemy units.
The Lance of Gallia: Kill an enemy ace.
The Silver Arms of Gallia: Kill 500 enemy units.
The Splintered Horn: Let a character who has unlocked his/her hidden potential die in combat.
The Wings of Solidarity: Unlock the full personnel profiles for all recruits.

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