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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Enter the following codes at the Extra menu:

North America Japan Effect
STMNS3MKZ4NMKT6K 7th Platoons Idol tank sticker
C9SAGP8M7PJ84H5S After Burner Climax tank sticker
K1C7XKLJMXUHRD8S Alicia Gunther tank sticker
VWUYNJQ8HGSVXR7J 9A5MYSG56K47GE3B BLiTZ Logo tank sticker
38WV17PK45TYAF8V Crazy Taxi tank sticker
GVFX8GA73FDWHQUS Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik tank sticker
KRSNSNGJTWTYMNRK End Of Eternity tank sticker
TXU14EUV74PCR3TE YJG6LMRQT9EP5CFN Gallia Volunteer tank sticker
9H1FHVBV2YAZE3A1 Nei (from Phantasy Star 2) tank sticker
HPF2B7ASMWV5798U Phantasy Star Zero Rappy tank sticker
H73G4L9GLJR1CHJP Prince Maximilian and Imperial Flag tank sticker
UJH5YB4Z7E33VCJT Resonance Of Fate tank sticker
YLBWA9UFTHQ3ZM1E Rodin tank sticker
RG7CSKXAGJTWYM96 Saturn Logo tank sticker
6RK45S59F7U2JLTD 364BNZ29ARL78XCJ Sega Logo tank sticker
WVZLPTYXURS1Q8TV Skies Of Arcadia tank sticker
CUP34ASEZ9WDKBYV Sonic The Hedgehog sticker
7JMNHZ83TGH7XFKT YT9B4NYMQKSZCAMY Super Monkey Ball tank sticker
SGEATFRTWYKCFSXQ Uzumaki Logo tank sticker
BUNLT4EXDS74QRCR Vanquish tank sticker
QAKVXZTALF4TU7SK Yakuza tank sticker
NL45TX9F8VRSUKGR Alternate G Cadets (Cosette, Ali, and Zeri) costumes
FSHL2DTP1EVB52AN Emelia (from Phantasy Star Portable 2),
two new missions, and Little Wing tank sticker
37LRK5D214VQVFYH KBAFLFHICAJTKMIY Isara (Alicia) Gunther (from the anime)
CR6BG1A9LYQKB6WJ TKBHCNBERHRKJNFG Edy's Detachment (all six of her squad)
R5PT1MXEY3BW8VBE Edy Nelson sticker
CKRJWNSXTYMNGZRT Mintz (from Valkyria: Wish Your Smile)
Unlock Phantasy Star Portable 2 Bonuses
Have Phantasy Star Portable 2 save data on your memory stick and start the game to unlock Emilia from Phantasy Star Portable 2, tank stickers, and two extra missions.

Unlock Valkyria Chronicles Bonuses
Copy a saved game file from the original PlayStation3 Valkyria Chronicles to your PSP. Select the "Load Save" option at the "Extras" menu to unlock Isara Gunther as a character and Isara's Dream tank sticker.

Unlock Characters
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

Aisha Neuman - Complete 20 classmate missions, then complete the game.
Brixham - Complete the game.
Isara (Alicia) Gunther - Complete the game.
Brigette "Rosie" Starks - Have the Shocktrooper class reach level 50.
Eleanor Varrot - Have the Scout class reach reach level 50.
Emile Bielert - Have the Engineer class reach level 50.
Juliana - Get 20 medals.
Karl Landzaat - Hospitalize an ally 10 times, then complete the game.
Largo Potter - Have the Lancer class reach level 50.
Leon - Get 27 medals.
Oscar Bielert - Complete 121 total missions.
Welkin - Have all classes reach level 50.
Zaka - Have the Armored Tech class reach level 50.

Unlock Medals
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal:

Armament Excellence - Develop all weapons in R&D.
Bell of Lanseal Award - Complete all first grade missions.
Bell of Lanseal Medal - Complete all second grade missions.
Bronze Arms of Gallia - Defeat 250 enemies.
Ceremonial Dagger - Have Avan convert to every class.
Class Ring - Complete all classmate missions.
Gallian Medal of Honor - Complete May story mission.
Golden Arms of Gallia - Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Graduation Album - Acquire 20 medals and have 10 million dct.
Graduation Medal - Complete the game.
Grand Order of Merit - Defeat ghost tank in the post-game Lavinia class mission.
Honorable Service Medal - Complete June story mission.
Jeweled Order of Merit - Complete last post-game mission "Baldren's Ship".
Laevatien Winner's Cup - Complete July story mission.
Lanseal Sword and Bell - Complete all third grade missions.
Leadership Excellence - Learn all order and have all classes at level 50.
Military Masters Degree - Convert to each class at least once.
Order of Golden Wings - Have all classes reach level 50.
Order of Merit - Complete August story mission.
Royal Randgriz Medal - Earn an "A" rank in all missions.
Service Medal - Complete April story mission.
Silver Arms of Gallia - Defeat 500 enemies.
Special Services Medal - Complete all solo missions.
Technology Excellence - Develop all tank and APC parts in R&D.
The Lance of Gallia - Kill all enemy aces.
The Splintered Horn - Hospitalize one ally.

Unlock Titles
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title. Titles are listed in the squad name in Avan's room:

Aces Among Aces - Deploy a specific unit 50 times.
And Company - Recruit 40 squad members.
Anti-Tank Squad - Change to Lancer Elt/Mbl Lancer.
Artistic - Complete Chloe's mission.
Artists - Defeat "Kauzie the Artist".
Attack Squad - Level Lancer class to 10.
Azure - Complete 30 mission.
Backpack Hunter - Develop 50% of backpack parts.
Bakery - Met Alicia at the store.
Band - Change to Anthem Elt/Melodist.
Bandits - Defeat all aces and item units in mission.
Battalion - Level all classes to 20.
Bitter - Defeat "Yaht the Bitter".
Bloodbath - Defeat 1,000 enemy soldiers.
Blood-Stained - Defeat 30 enemies on a mission.
Bookworms - Complete Magari's mission.
Brotherhood - Completed Pete's mission.
Brothers - Recruit 35 squad members.
Calm - Defeated "Saitt the Calm".
Carefree - Played for more than 50 hours.
Cheerful - Complete Noel's mission.
Chosen - Win the Laevatein Cup.
Clockwork - Used the same CP as enemies Defeat.
Comics - Defeat "Susse the Comic".
Company - Level all classes to 10.
Crimson - Complete 50 mission.
Curses - Defeated "Kanazas the Curse".
Dark - Earned "A" rank for a night mission.
Death - Defeat 100 enemies with head shots.
Defense Squad - Level Engineer class to 10.
Destroyer Kings - Defeat 50 enemy tanks.
Destroyer Lords - Defeat 30 enemy tanks.
Destroyers - Defeat 10 enemy tanks.
Dire - Defeat "Kanazas the Dire".
Dream - Earn "A" rank for a mission.
Earnest - Complete Reiner's mission.
Elated - Defeat "Saitt the Elated".
Fairplay - Defeat all enemies from the front.
Falcons - Defeated "Uys the Falcon".
False - Defeated "Osweiss the False".
Fawners - Defeat "Naggie the Fawner".
Fearsome - Defeat 100 enemy soldiers.
Fortress - Complete mission without moving tank.
Friendly - Used support/covering fire 50 times.
Fun - Viewed 50 daily life events.
Gashers - Defeat "Togier the Gasher".
Gear Hunters - Developed 50% of infantry armor.
Genius - Complete Mischlitt's mission.
Geniuses - Defeat "Nachartl the Genius".
Glamourous - Completed Sofia's mission.
Glass - Withdrew/hospitalized 1 unit 5 times.
Godspeed - Earn "A" rank for 10 missions.
Gorgers - Defeat "Tabais the Gorger".
Grenade Hunters - Develop 50% of hand grenades.
Guards - Level Armored Tech class to 10.
Guerilla Squad - Level Shocktrooper class to 10.
Gunner Squad - Change to Gunner Elt/Hvy Gunner.
Hardliners - Half male classmate missions done.
Harsh - Defeat "Jinn the Harsh".
Heartthrobs - Completed Morris's mission.
Hel - Defeat 300 enemy soldiers.
Hitmen - Defeat "Joshuno the Hitman".
Holy - Defeated under 3 enemies on mission.
Hunters - Defeat "Yarmas the Hunter".
Idols - Complete Anisette's mission.
Imperial - Completed Helmut's mission.
Independent - Complete 50 key/free missions.
Infallible - Defeated "Mahl Infallible".
Killer - Defeat 3 enemies with one attack.
Killers - Defeated "Joshuno the Killer".
Kindly - Defeat "Naggie the Kindly".
Ladies' Man - Half femal classmate missions done.
Light - Earn "A" rank for a day mission.
Lightspeed - Earn "A" rank for 5 mission.
Lone - Complete Erik's mission.
Lucky - Completed Joachim's mission.
Lyrical - Complete Coleen's mission.
Manly - Complete Alexis's mission.
Markings Hunters - Develop 50% of markings.
Meteor - Defeat "Shmarder the Meteor".
Miraculous - Earn "A" rank 3 missions in a row.
Mystical - Completed Inghild's mission.
Nightmare - Defeat 500 enemy soldiers.
Ogrelords - Defeat "Ty Ogrelord".
Parade - Used 1,000 CP.
Promising - Complete 1 mission.
Pure White - Complete 100 mission.
Quick Draw - Defeat "Yars Quick Draw".
Rabid - Defeated "Schimmer the Rabid".
Rebel - Completed Sigrid's mission.
Recon Squad - Level Scout class to 10.
Red-Eyed - Defeated "Tanaiss Red-Eyed".
Red-Haired - Defeat "Tanaiss Red-Haired".
Reinforcers - Deploy reinforcements 100 times.
Relief Squad - Change to Engineer Elt/Medic.
Reporters - Complete Lotte's mission.
Rippers - Defeat "Toggier the Ripper".
Roamers - Defeat "Osweiss the Roamer".
Royal - Completed Nahum's mision.
Scout Squad - Change to Scout Elt/Hvy Scout.
Sheltered - Completed Marion's mission.
Shifters - Defeat "Shuntr Shifter".
Shoulder Makers - Develop 50% of shoulder parts.
Sisterhood - Completed Franca's mission.
Sisters - Recruit 30 squad members.
Slow-Kill - Defeat "Matz Slow-Kill".
Snakes - Defeat "Masse the Snake".
Sneak Shot - Defeat "Fergil Sneakshot".
Sniper Squad - Change to Sniper Elt/AT Sniper.
Spikers - Defeat "Fucasa the Spiker".
Spirited - Completed Vario's mission.
Springwind - Defeat "Joshuda Springwind".
Sprinters - Complete a mission in one turn.
Squall - Defeat "Cindy Squall".
Steelfist - Defeated "Aucarr Steelfist".
Stewards - Completed Heinz's mission.
Stout - Defeat "Sedwin the Stout".
Strong - Defeat "Nisheo the Strong".
Strong-minded - Completed Rene's mission.
Sturdy - Defeat "Herosch the Sturdy".
Supernatural - Defeat an armored tech from the front.
Supersonic - Earn "B+" rank for 20 missions.
Suspicious - Completed Melissa's mission.
Swift-Kill - Defeat "Matz Swift-Kill".
Talented - Earn "B+" rank for 10 missions.
Tempest - Defeat "Cindy Tempest".
Title Hunters - Earn 100 titles.
Title Lovers - Earn 50 titles.
Title Maniacs - Earned 150 titles.
Trooper Squad - Change to Trooper Elt/Commando.
Tunesmiths - Defeat "Kauzie the Tunesmith".
Two-faced - Complete Randy's mission.
Unrelated - Completed Nichol's mission.
Vanguard - Defeat "Motti Vanguard".
Verdant - Complete 10 mission.
Volunteers - Met Welkin at the store.
Warlords - Defeat "Ty Warlord".
Wicked - Defeat "Eider the Wicked".
Woeful - Defeat "Osweiss the Woeful".

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