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Mar. 31, 2009
Get a different background 'Fist' on the main menu screen
When you turn your game on, and the default background is originally Kazuya's Hand, if you get certain characters to Tekken Lord you can change the background 'fist'.

Devil Jin's hand: Get three characters to Tekken Lord
Jin's Hand: Get one character to Tekken Lord
Jinpachi and a special rotating background: Get four characters to Tekken Lord
Kazuya's Hand: Default

Jinpachi's Winning Movie
To unlock Jinpachi's winning movie, get to his stage in story mode, and lose to him. This will also unlock it for viewing in the theatre mode.

Unlockable Command Attack Minigame
You must complete story mode 2 times.

Unlockable Tekken Bowling Minigame
You must complete story mode 3 times.

Unlockable Theatre mode
You must finish story mode once.

Unlockable Tekken Dojo Time Attack
Play Water Dojo.

Unlockable Heaven Dojo
You must complete the Void Dojo. Then beat Ranking Tournament and Jinpachi.

Unlockable Panda
You have to select Kuma. Enter CIRCLE.

Unlockable 2006 E3 trailer
You have to complete command attack 5 times around 1 min 30 sec.

Unlockable Burning Auras
You have to win Time Attack.

Unlockable Opening Movie Console Part 2
You must collect more than 5000G in one round in Gold Rush Mode.

Unlockable Jinpachi's Ultimate Transformation
Lose to Jinpachi in Story Mode and do NOT continue.

Unlockable Tekken Dark Resurrection Opening Movie (AC Version)
Defeat Survival Mode.

Unlockable Tempest Auras
You must go through the Earth and Water dojo.

Unlockable Jinpachi's Winning Movie
Reach his stage in story mode, and lose.

Unlockable Life Auras
You must complete Fire and Wind dojo.

Unlockable Alternate Character Skins
By selecting any character on the character select screen with the square button instead of the [X] button, that character will appear with an alternate skin or costume.

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