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Apr. 12, 2011
Jan. 20, 2009
Unlock Extra Contents
Collect the following items to open up a new section in the extra contents:

CG Collection - Obtain the Album in Chapter 1
Chapter 8 - Obtain the Key to Hell in Chapter 5
Face Collection - Obtain the Magic Mirror in Chapter 6
High Score - Obtain the Valdes Scripture in Chapter 4
Item Manual - Get the Item Manual from Claude after Chapter 2 and giving him the correct code
Sound Test - Obtain the Music Sheet in Chapter 4
Voice Collection - Obtain the Spiral Shell from Reiche after Chapter 3 and giving him 3 unidentified mushrooms

Bathing Scenes
In the game there are two hidden bathing scenes. In chapter 3, near the end, have Lina and Fia pick up the Feather. When you come back to Elendia, talk to the fairy inside Lina's & Fia's place to learn their whereabouts. Go to Undine Spring. Head to the next screen (don't talk to the fairy or it's going to mess up), and a Command Minigame will start. Enter the commands successfully to be allowed though. You only get one shot. Enjoy! In chapter 4, in the middle of the chapter, there will be some kind of bush. Examine it and pick it up. It's Mint. Back to Elendia, talk to the fairy inside Lina's and Fia's place. Go to the Undine Spring. A golem will be guarding the place. Successfully destroy it and you will enjoy the last scene.

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