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Primary Collection of Cheats
Downloadable content passwords
Enter one of the following passwords to download a new weapon, scroll or other item:

Byakko Bugei weapon: ptiuquc
Genbu 6 dan Bugei weapon: zoeuiss
Kirin Bugei weapon: qucmtkb
Miracle Sword weapon: rkjulvj
Seima Accessory weapon: aietmaw
Seima Accessory weapon: ydkvcex
Seima Bracelet weapon: jticgek
Seima Earring weapon: lfiynv
Seima Hair Pin weapon: otkciet
Seima Ring weapon: xktmvut
Seiryu Bugei weapon: kakeiti
Suzaku Bugei weapon: myuicei
Completion bonus
Save the game when prompted after the ending credits. Load the cleared saved game to start with all previously obtained items, and sword scrolls.

Easy Chi training
Charge up your Chi gauge to the maximum level. When you enter a battle, kill all the enemies except for one using sword attacks, then weaken the last one. Next, use the Chi attack to kill the weakened enemy. After you start the Chi attack, hold Square. After the enemy is killed, you will begin to charge your chi gauge, but will still be in attack mode, even though there are no enemies. After the gauge is charged, tap Square(2), then hold it down again (requires precise timing). You will execute the Chi attack and begin charging up again. You will gain Chi experience for each Chi attack. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: If the timing of the Square double tap is incorrect, you will exit battle mode and be unable to attack with your Chi.

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