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Nov. 04, 2012
Mar. 30, 2010
Mar. 23, 2010
Unlock Bonuses
250,000G - You need the Gundam Assault Survive Demo save to unlock this bonus. After creating your character.Go to the shop and scroll down to the bottom option ,you will see an item that costs 0G that will give you 250,000G.

100,000G - If you have a Gundam Battle Tactics/Chronicle/Universe save data, go to the shop and get the items that cost 0G in the tab marked "Secret". You will get 100,000G for each.

Unlock Freedom
Beat mission 18 (Owaranai Ashita he EX) and use Kira (Zaft) 5 times. That mission is an EX stage, and you don't need Kira (Zaft) to pilot Aile Strike. After clearing mission 18 just to go VS battle mode and set the time limit to 1 minute using Kira (Zaft) as your pilot 5 times.

Unlock Gundam F91
Use Heavy Gun and G- Cannon 5 times, with Seabook Arno as the pilot (if using just the two MS is not enough).

Providence Gundam
Use Rau's GuaiZ Custom and Rau Le Creuset at least ten times in versus or mission. To unlock Rau's GuaiZ Custom, first buy the development plan of Guaiz Custom. Equip normal GuaiZ with RESERVE MAGAZINE parts that costs 582.000 (S type) and upgrade the normal guaiz until it reach 4,500 TP. After that, go to the shop and GuaiZ custom become available for sale.

Unlock Justice Gundam
Use Asuran in his Aegis Gundam 10 times. This can only be done if you complete some missions in Seed tab.

Unlock GNR-001D GN Arms Type-D
Use Gundam Dynames 15 times with any pilot.

Unlock GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E
Use Gundam Exia 15 times with any pilot.

Unlock V2 Assault Buster Gundam
Use Usso Ewin with V2 Gundam 10 times.

Unlock V2 Gundam
Complete UC0123 Extra missions.

Unlock Famitsu Stage
Fail every first mission (red and blue), but for 00 and Seed fail the first blue mission.

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