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Cheat Mode
Press [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[C] to bring up the cheat window and use these codes:

delian Treasury - Add 1000 Coins
ambrosia - Win Scenario
atlastthegreat - Atlas Will Help Build Your Project Faster
fireballs from Heaven - Strike a piece of Ground with fireball
hotlava - Strike a piece of ground with fireball
bowvine and Arrows - Towers Shoot Cows Instead of Arrows
cheese Puff - Dairy Workers Put on Cheese Suits
mammaldrome - Granary is Filled Every 3 Months
seasick - Poseidon will grant you 10x the fish in your granary
soundFrags - Animals Make Strange Noises when Killed
bigbadwolf - Wolves are bigger
elite sheep - ?
rain from heaven - ?
A small easter egg
On the Poseidon disk, go to the Audio/Music directory. There you will find the music from the game, and more importantly, a song named "Ekplixi.mp3". It is not from the game, but it is a silly song featuring many quotes from the walkers in the game.

Hero's Hall
Sometimes a Hero's Hall must be built in certain places. For example, Thesues' Hall needs to be built by the palace, surrounded by walls and have good appeal. On maps where space is at a premium this can be difficult to accomplish. To get around this, after you have filled the requirements to summon the hero, and while the hero is on his/her way to the city, you can demolish the hall and any of the structures you had to build to meet the requirements. Then, rebuild the hall anywhere that is connected to a road. The hero will not care and will serve your city as usual.

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