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Mar. 20, 2009
Jan. 17, 2009

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Phone Number Codes
#cashmoneyz - $1000
#921 - .44 Cal
#920 - 12 Gauge
#35 - Add Gang Notoriety
#4 - Add Police Notoriety
#947 - Annihilator RPG
#922 - AR-200
#923 - AR-50
#924 - AR-50 with Grenade launcher
#925 - AS14 Hammer
#926 - Baseball Bat
#2 - Car Mass Increased
#927 - Chainsaw
#sunny - Clear Sky
#955 - Crowbar
#15 - Drunk Pedestrians
#202 - Everybody is Shrunk
#16 - Evil Cars
#928 - Fire Extinguisher
#929 - Flame Thrower
#930 - Flashbang
#1 - Full Health
#931 - GAL 43
#932 - GDHC
#711 - Get Horizon
#712 - Get Snipes 57
#713 - Get Tornado
#714 - Get Wolverine
#200 - Giant
#933 - Grenade
#12 - Heaven Bound
#201 - Itty Bitty
#935 - KC
#936 - Knife
#934 - Kobra
#666 - Lighting Strikes
#18 - Low Gravity
#937 - Machete
#938 - McManus 2010
#3 - Milk Bones
#939 - Mini-Gun
#940 - Moltov
#36 - Never Die
#941 - Nightstick
#50 - No Cop Notoriety
#51 - No Gang Notoriety
#942 - NR4
#19 - Pedestrian Wars
#943 - Pepper Spray
#969 - Pimp Slap
#944 - Pimpcane
#945 - Pipe Bomb
#5 - Player Pratfalls
#20 - Raining Pedestrians
#946 - RPG
#948 - Samurai Sword
#949 - Satchel Charge
#950 - Shock Paddles
#951 - SKR-9
#952 - Sledge Hammer
#953 - Stun Gun
#7 - Super Explosions
#8 - Super Saints
#954 - TK3
#956 - Tombstone
#11 - Unlimited Ammo
#9 - Unlimited Clip
#6 - Unlimited Sprint
#728237 - Unlock D-STROY UFO
#7266837 - Unlock Peewee Mini Bike
#957 - Vice 9
#958 - XS-2 Ultimax
-15% explosion damage reduced - Level 6, Trail Blazing (Downtown).
15% Food and Liquor Store Discount - Beat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 6.
5% Food and Liquor Store Discount - Beat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 3.
75% Mechanic Discount - Complete all 5 Chop Shop lists.
Akuji's Prototype Bike - Ronin Mission 11.
Ambulance - All Ambulance Levels.
AR-50 XMAC Special - All Combat Tricks Completed.
Avenger Jacket - 3 Gold Stars in Gang Kills.
Bandit - Do multiple car stunts to unlock.
Bodyguards and Ninjas - Game Progression.
Brotherhood Gang Cars - Complete Last Mission for the Brotherhood.
Brotherhood Melee - Complete Brotherhood Mission 6.
Buggy - Complete Truckyard Chop Shop list.
Chainsaw in Weapon Cache - Complete Crowd Control (Marina) level 6.
Clothing Store Discount - Crowd Control level 3 (Suburbs).
Crib Customization Discount - Mayhem level 3 (Red Light).
Demo Derby Vehicles - Complete Demo Derby Level 6.
Donnie's Vehicle - Complete Brotherhood mission 2.
Explosion Damage -5% - Level 3, Trail Blazing (Downtown).
Fire Fighter Suit - Complete both set of Trailblazing activities.
Gang Customization Cars - 45% hoods conquered.
Gang Customization Cars - 15% hoods conquered.
Hand Grenades - 1 Hitman list complete.
Health Regeneration 2x - Snatch level 3 (Chinatown).
Health Regeneration 3x - Snatch level 6 (Chinatown).
Improved Weapon Accuracy 15% - Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs..
Increased Melee Damage 15% - Arena Fight Club Level 3.
Increased Melee Damage 30% - Arena Fight Club Level 3.
Infinite Respect - Do activities to raise your respect past level 99. you will then have Infinite respect..
Infinite Shotgun Ammo - Complete Drug Trafficking level 6 (Airport).
Infinite SMG Ammo - Successfully complete "Snatch" Level 6 Downtown.
Jane Valderama - Mug 40 citizens.
Johnny Gat - Complete final Ronin mission.
Kobra (Pistol) - Fuzz level 3 (Projects).
Kobra(Pistol) - Complete Fuzz Level 3(Projects).
Legal Lee - Beat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 3.
Mechanic Discount - Complete Demo Derby Level 3.
No damage from falling - Get a bull's eye in the base jumping diversion.
One Follower - Complete Prologue Mission 4.
Paintball Mask - Mugged 30 People.
Pepper Spray in Weapon Cache - Complete Crowd Control (Marina) level 3.
Pierce - Complete Ronin Storyline.
Pimp Suit - Complete Ho-ing Diversion.
Pimpcane - Pyramid Scheme.
Police Notoriety Reduced - Complete FUZZ Level 3, Suburbs.
Police Notoriety Reduced 2 - Complete FUZZ Level 6, Suburbs.
Pumped Up - Fight Club level 3 (Arena).
Pumped Up - Fight Club level 6 (Arena).
Red Light Apartment Crib - Complete Prologue Mission 2.
Reduced bullet damage - Heli assault level 3 (Bario).
Reduced Vehicle Damage - Insurance Fraud Level 3, Museum.
Ronin Gang Cars - Complete Last Mission for the Ronin.
Ronin Melee - Complete Ronin Mission 6.
Ronin Notoriety Reduced - Drug Traffickingf Level 3 (Hotel and Marina).
Ronin Notority Reduced 2 - Beat 'Hotels & Marina Drug Trafficking Level 6.
Saints Hideout - Complete Prologue Mission 3.
Satchel Charges - 3 Hitman lists complete.
Septic Truck - Beat both of the Septic Avengers.
Shaundi - Complete Sons of Samedi Storyline.
Shock Paddles (Melee Weapon) - All Ambulance Levels.
Sons Of Samedi Gang Cars - Complete Last Mission for Sons Of Samedi.
Sons Of Samedi Melee - Complete Mission "Bad Trip".
Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced - Complete Escort Level 3, University.
Sprint Increased - Insurance Fraud level 3 (Factories).
Sprint Increased (Unlimited) - Insurance Fraud level 6 (Factories).
Super Taxi - All Taxi Levels.
The News Helicopter - Complete Sons of Samedi Mission 3.
Three Followers - 50% hoods conquered.
Tobias - Complete Sons of Samedi Mission 3.
Traffic Cone Hat - 3 Gold Stars in Vehicle Surfing.
Troy - Beat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 6.
Two Followers - 25% hoods conquered.
Unlimited Pistol Ammo - Fuzz level 6 (Projects).
Unlimited Rifle Ammo - Complete all 5 Hitman lists.
Vehicle Delivery - Escort level 3 (Red Light).
Vehicle Delivery (Free) - Escort level 6 (Red Light).
X2 Ultimax (Shotgun) - Drug Trafficking level 3 (Airport).
Zombie Carlos - Call eye for an eye after you complete the brother hood story.
Zombie Mask - Complete Zombie Uprising.

Enter Any Vehicle
Jump on top of any vehicle (moving or not, including police vehicles) and press [Y] to kick the driver out and get into it.

Kaneda Rides up walls
The kaneda bike you unlock from the ronin missions will drive all the way up the side of any building. You need to face the wall and then backup far enough so when you go forward you can wheelie and have your front tire rest on the wall. Then give it gas. If you just do a wheelie at the wall it wont work, you will just do a big burnout on the ground. You need to get the timing right so you are just far enough away to be barely doing a wheelie when you hit the wall with the front tire.

Secret Islands
Fly far off the west coast of the prison to find four islands. Their names are "Super Secret", "Ship Wreck", "Bone", "Ruins", and "Look Out".

Ruins Island: Easter Bunny
Follow the arrows that start on Ruins Island. Ruins Island is close to Super Secret Island, with the Volution Easter Egg on it. You will start at Ruins Island. Then an arrow points to Lookout Island, then to a small unnamed island, then to another small island with an "X" on it. Get on it, and you will be teleported to a ring of arrows pointing to a floating Easter Bunny.

Zombie Uprising: Easy kills
Use the flaming zombies as a weapon. When they come after you, let them follow you. Run into big crowds of zombies so that the flaming zombies can set the other zombies on fire, which will then count as kills for you. Also, use headshots for the small zombies. This also saves ammunition.

Defeating Bosses
Before killing Bosses, take full rocket and rifle ammo from the Brotherhood mission when you are on the ship.

Defeating Maero
To defeat Maero the first time on top of his hideout, hit him once with an RPG. When scoring a direct hit, he will go on one knee and stay down. You can then shoot him until he is defeated. If he gets up, just shoot him again. To finish off Maero in the arena, use some of the rockets to blow up all the trucks except for his. Use extra rifle ammunition to shoot his Monster Truck.

Defeating Veteran Child
To kill Veteran Child in his club, just bring lots of ammunition. Use the stun grenades located around the pillars to separate him and Shaundi, then just run up and shoot him. Repeat this until he has been killed.

Defeating Mr. Sunshine
To kill Mr. Sunshine in the factory, use a rocket on his voodoo doll to knock him down and cause damage. Hit the doll once to break his shield. You can then shoot him until he reaches the bottom floor. Note: If he completes his ritual with the voodoo doll, it will send you flying and do lots of damage.

Defeating The General
To kill The General in the mall, use the saved rockets to blow up his armored Bulldog then shoot him with any gun until he dies. Do this quickly before he runs away.

Defeating Akuji
To kill Akuji in the teahouse, use [L2] to counter his attacks. It does damage and knocks him down. When he is down, stab him twice quickly before he gets up. Repeat this until he has been killed.

Easy Snatch Activities
For easy completion of Snatch activities, use a Bear (the Police APC). It is virtually impossible to stop once moving because it is nearly invulnerable. It can drive over smaller cars and pickups, the chaingun has unlimited ammunition. It holds three passengers.

Easy "Soprano" Achievement
Go to the music store and purchase the song "A-HA" under the rock section. Jump in a car and pause game play. Go to the radio option, add that song to your playlist, and save it. Resume the game and select the Myradio station. The song should play and achievement will unlock. It is rather amusing to hear your character sing along.

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