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Achievements (Steam)
A History of Non-Violence - Complete the story without ever directly taking the life of another.
A Kindness - Convince the inventor to join you.
A Quick Resolution - Bring the docks dispute to a close quickly.
An Ounce of Prevention - Help stop organized looting.
Better to Know - Inform Llianis about Gi's fate.
Change of Plans - Take the estate owner hostage.
Constructive Deception - Join the Artisans Guild.
Cruel Fate - See a major character killed off in a flashback.
Deal With a Devil - Take a bribe to make a problem go away.
Firebreak - Take out the sniper.
Firestarter - Help the sniper escape.
Free From Harm - Save a civilian's life.
Friendly Neighborhood - Leave the authorities a nicely wrapped package.
I Perceive a Riot - Help spark a riot.
If It Keeps on Raining - Prevent a great disaster.
Intercepted - Learn an important fact about the negotiators.
Justice Is Served - Bring a killer to justice.
Keeper of the Ancient Flame - Help the keeper with a quest.
Killer - Kill for the first time.
Mimicry - Create a new disguise.
No-Mentum - See the ringleader disgraced.
Open Sesame - Open the cache under the cathedral.
Pampered - Get the owner some nicer treatment.
Preserved Honor - Prevent dishonor from falling on the legislator's family.
Recovered Fumble - Recover the lost little owner.
Research Assistant - Help the Formless Mage conduct research.
Reversal of Fortune - Agree to join forces with a powerful enemy.
Silver-Tongued - Convince the estate owner to join your cause.
Supernatural Troubleshooter - Prevent an explosive suicide.
The End - Finish the story with a happy ending. (More or less.).
The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Help the Formless Mage in a reconnaissance mission.
Turncoat - Turn the legislator to your side.
Under Lock and Key - Secure the estate owner.
Vengeance Is Mine - Avenge your creator's death.
Victorious - Help win a battle.

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