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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
To activate the cheat mode, find the autoexec.cfg file in the "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire Demo\Bond" directory, open it with notepad or a similar editor and add the lines as noted below to the end of the configuration list (NOTE: you can also download the modified file from the link above):

sv_cheats 1
console 1

Alternately, you can start the game using the +console 1 command line option, ie.

"c:\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire\bond.exe" +console 1

Then, when you are in the game, press the "~" (tilde) key and the console will drop down. Enter any of the codes below followed by "Enter" to enable the following cheats:

god - God Mode
noclip - No Clipping
notarget - Invisibility
fly - Fly Mode
sv_gravity 100 - Gives the playing field low gravity
sv_friction 0 - Gives the playing field no friction
impulse 101 - All weapons and items (repeating gives more ammo)
map X - Change to Level X (see the list below)
give weapon_X - Gives weapon X (see the list below)

Weapons: bondmine, commando, flash_grenade, fraggrenade, frinesi, grapple, grenadelauncher, kowloon, laser, lighter, minigun, mp9, mp9_silenced, pda, pdw90, pen, pp9, raptor, rocketlauncher, ronin, smokegrenade, taser, up11, watch, qworm, l96a1

Map names: m1_austria01, m1_austria02, m1_austria03, m1_austria04, m2_airfield01, m2_airfield02, m2_airfield03, m2_airfield04, m3_japan01, m3_japan02, m3_japan03, m3_japan04, m4_infiltrate01, m4_infiltrate02, m4_infiltrate03, m4_infiltrate04, m4_infiltrate05, m4_infiltrate06, m4_infiltrate07, m5_power01, m5_power02, m5_power03, m5_power04, m6_escape01, m6_escape02, m6_escape03, m6_escape04, m6_escape05, m6_escape06, m6_escape07, m7_island01, m7_island02, m7_island03, m7_island04, m7_island05, m7_island06, m8_missile01, m8_missile02, m8_missile03, m8_missile04, m9_space01

Map names (demo version): map m3_japan01, map m3_japan02, map m3_japan03, map m3_japan04

NOTE: To get cheats to work once you have advanced to a different level, use the map code, then immediately save the game. Exit the game and go back in. Load the most recent save and the cheats will work. They will not work if you continued game play immediately after advancing to the new level. Since you can only carry four weapons at once, it is impossible to get "all" weapons simutaneously. You cannot see alarm switches, cameras, spotlights, or people when in walls.
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Unlock all missions
To unlock all game missions, simply add the line "sv_iamdone 1" (without quotes) to the config.cfg file, if the line already exists, then change the 0 to 1 to activate.

Successfully complete the following levels to get rewards:
Alpine Escape level rewards - Military Snowmobile card, Assassination and Grapple MP modes, Max Zorin in MP.

Chain Reaction level rewards - Rook card and Wai Lin in MP.

Countdown level rewards - Drake card and Explosive Scenery MP.

Deep Descent level rewards - Vanquish Submarine card and Nick Nack in MP.

Double Cross level rewards - Mayhew card, Uplink MP mode, Sniper Rifle upgrade, Xenia Onatopp in MP.

Enemies Vanquished level rewards - Vanquish Car card, Scaramanga and May Day in MP, Camera upgrade.

Equinox level rewards - James Bond card, GoldenEye Strike mode, Sniper upgrade, Bond Space Suit in MP, unlimited PP7 ammo.

Island Infiltration level rewards - Ultralight card and Protection MP mode.

Night Shift level rewards - Kiko card and Team King Of The Hill MP mode.

Paris Prelude level rewards - Dominque card, Jaws and Renard in MP mode, and Missile upgrade.

Phoenix Fire level rewards - Alura card and Demolition MP mode.

The Exchange level rewards - Zoe Nightshade card, Oddjob and Baron Samedi in MP mode, and Pistol upgrade.
Double pistols in multiplayer
Choose multiplayer mode and for weapons select Phoenix weapons. You will start with a pistol. Find another and you can use two pistols. Note: You must also be a Phoenix character.

Alpine Escape: Killing guards
An easy way to kill the guards that are on the snowmobiles, is to shoot them off, so that the snowmobile is all that remains.

Deep Descent: Ship identification
When you are going into the hole in the sunken ship, look slightly to the left to it. You will see "MALPRAVE IND." and the Malprave trademark. Malprave was the front for the cloning facilities.

Double Cross: Freeing the first hostage
After getting inside the building, go straight to where you saw one of the girls appear. Kill the man that is holding her so that he cannot shoot the girl. Kill all of the guards and the Geisha girl will be safe.

Double Cross: Freeing the second hostage
Get into the second building. Kill some guards, then go to the kitchen area. Shoot the guard that is holding the hostage so he cannot shoot her. Kill the men to save the Geisha girls. Note: Make sure you also destroy the computer that he asked you to destroy.

Enemies Vanquished: No gadgets in SUV
When you acquire the SUV in the level, you will not be able to use any of your driving gadgets.

Enemies Vanquished: 007 icons
The first 007 icon can be found off to the left side after driving past the first cop car. The second 007 icon can be found after jumping from the stairway. The third 007 icon is in the air when you jump from the snow hill, to the ice path. The forth 007 icon is on the left side of the ice when the path separates into two. The last 007 icon is somewhere on the big patch of ice when you are trying to dispatch the guards and helicopters.

Island Infiltration: Bond Move
Go straight until the turn at bridge where you have to download the code to get across. Keep going straight until you see the bushes. Go through those bushes for armor and a Bond Move.

Night Shift: Getting rid of guards
Even though you cannot kill the guards, you can punch them and they will disappear.

Paris Prelude: 007 icons
The first 007 icon can be found immediately after you use the Q-Smoke. It will be to the left when you are driving. The second 007 icon is located after the truck blocks the path. Go up the stairs and it will be to your left. The third 007 icon will be in the air when you jump the little stairway. The last 007 icon can be found after you use your Q-Boost to get across the bridge.

The Exchange: Finding Kiko
Kiko is in the party where all the guest are at with the two windows. Go up to her and Bond will talk to her.

The Exchange: Getting inside the party
When you get into the castle walls, kill the two guards. Then, go left into the next room. Kill all of the guards in that room and follow the path. In the next room, go up to the top right stairway and kill the men. Follow the path, then turn right, immediately after you pass the tower wall. Follow the path and it should lead you directly to the stairs that allow you enter the party.

The Exchange: Alternate route into castle
Head toward the castle doors. Before there you will you see a set of stairs. Go down. Walk along the castle's outer ledge. As you continue along, watch your step. Continue to three windows. Be careful as two guards patrol inside where you are. After that, use your grapple to get to the back way in.

The Exchange: Destroying the helicopter
Using the Guided Missile Launcher, shoot the helicopter near the propeller.

The Exchange: Opening locked door and safe
To open the locked door at the end, press [Action] on the side of the door. Then, use your laser on your watch to get in. After that, use your laser again to open the safe. The glowing purple sides on the safe are where you need to shoot.

The Exchange: Hostage
Quietly go up to the first man down the stairs. You will automatically take his gun and he will act as a hostage. If you run away while his hands are up, he will take out a PP7.

The Exchange: Bond move
Snipe the man in the tower and by the gates. As the truck is driving up to the castle, jump in by jumping on the front and then into the back. Kneel down and the truck will drive you into the castle grounds.

Platinum Medals
Successfully complete a level under the 00 Agent difficulty setting to earn the Platinum Medal for it.

General tips
Use the scope on the sniper rifle to survey unfamiliar environments. Use your environment to your advantage. For example, a group of soldiers near a gas drum can be eradicated with one well placed shot. Search all areas thoroughly for well-kept information or hidden supplies. Try activating anything that looks like a knob, switch, or secret passageway; anything that may be opened, turned on/off, destroyed, etc. Shoot out overhead lights to remain hidden in the shadows. Do not forget to use your gadgets; they are vital to your success. When you see an enemy in the distance, stay out of sight, take your time, and drop him with a headshot. If you sneak up on an enemy from behind, put your gun to his back and he will surrender. Look for glowing objects; they provide clues as to what action you should perform. Do not try to barrel through groups of enemies. Instead, take cover and pick them off one at a time. Listen to M's advice. She will not mislead you. If you kill civilians, your mission is over. Reload whenever you have a chance. Even if you have half a clip remaining if your health is low, take the time to backtrack and search for body armor. When you require stealth, attach the silencer to your Wolfram PP7. Keep a eye out for snipers in high places. When outgunned, a flash grenade and hurried flight is better than an all-out fire fight. Use your laser watch to break into locks and hatches.

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