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Nov. 25, 2005

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Cheat Mode
On Tactics screen (in game) press [Ctrl]+Gabbi and it should say something like "Cheat mode level 2 active". Then use the codes listed below (note that you might need version 5.0 of the game):

[Alt]+E - all units and items are visible
[Alt]+T - Teleports selected merc to the cursor position
[Alt]+O - Kills all enemies (-100 dmg to hostile mercs) (Doesn't kill tanks "Use Ctrl+K while cursor is on a tank instead")
[Alt]+D - Gives full action points
[Alt]+R - Full ammo on selected merc
[Alt]+W - item scrolling (Although not sure how it works "Gives me a flame thrower often")
[Alt]+B - Spawn hostile merc at cursor
[Alt]+C - Spawn civillian at cursor
[Alt]+G - Spawn new merc at cursor
[Alt]+Y - Spawn a robot at cursor
[Alt]+2 - Transform merc in a bug (Gets the bug attack with it)
[Alt]+4 - Transforms merc in a person in wheelchair "you cant fire any guns"
[Alt]+5 - Transforms merc in a big bug (Gets the bug attack with it)
[Alt]+I - Spawns a random weapon at the cursor
[Alt]+K - Lethal gas at cursor
[Alt]+Q - Shows inside of buildings (Roof dissapears)
[Alt]+1 - Transform merc into a tank (Doesn't work)
[Ctrl]+T - 3 mercs teleport into queens prison
[Ctrl]+H - Damages -20 on under cursor placed merc's
[Ctrl]+U - Heals and gaves full energie to merc's
[Ctrl]+O - Spawns hostile bug
[Ctrl]+K - Explosion at cursor

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