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Episode 1 Achievements (Steam)
Bird in the Hand - Collect 3 Gnatgobblers.
Circuit Trained - Complete 'Circuit Training' in less than 9 moves.
Digested - Complete 'That Ain't Sitting Right' in less than 13 moves.
First Step - Complete your first puzzle.
Garbage Collector - Collect all soda cans.
Gnats Gnobbled - Collect all Gnatgobblers.
Intermediate Puzzler - Complete 10 Puzzles.
Junior Puzzler - Complete 5 puzzles.
Low Notes - Complete 'A Note of Friendship' in less than 6 moves.
Low Roller - Complete 'Rolling Blunder' in less than 27 moves.
Maximus Meritus - Earn maximum merits for Episode 1.
Mythbuster - Meet a Bigfoot.
Order of Merit - Earn 40,000 merits.
Pale Garbage Kid - Collect 40 soda cans.
Pilots Licence - Reach the Airfield.
Professor Puzzle - Complete 20 puzzles.
Quick Picker - Complete 'Pack Mentality' in less than 9 moves.
Starting Point - Earn 10,000 merits.
Storyteller - Complete Episode 1.
Survivalist - Survive the First Night in camp.
Unjammed - Complete 'Log Jam' in less than 12 moves.

Episode 2 Achievements (Steam)
A Bridge Too Far - Construct the bridge.
A Helping Hans - Collect All 10 Gophers.
Conundrum Continued - Complete Episode 2.
Dam Buster - Find the Secret Soda can at the Dam.
Dr Puzzler - Complete all the puzzles in Episode 2.
Every Lil' Helps - Collect 15 soda cans.
Feed Me Seymour - Find the hidden cans in the potted plants.
Finished Symphony - Complete 'Symphony of Stone' in 5 moves or less.
For You No Charge - Help the Beavers.
Friends Reunited - Help Jeremiah complete his lifes work.
Hen Party - Collect all 13 Gnatnobblers.
It's a Magic Number - Complete 7 Puzzles.
Jammy Dodger - Complete 'JamtasticBore' in 9 moves or less.
LumberJack - Find the secret soda cans behind some logs.
Never Ending Story - Complete 'Happily Ever Rafter' in 56 moves or less.
Out of a Jam - Complete the First Puzzle.
Path Finder - Open the gate between the FireBreak Creek and the Mill.
Planks Alot - Complete 'A Pair of Planks' in 12 moves or less.
Radical Recycler - Collect 50 soda cans.
Without Merit - Earn 30,000 merits.
You've Got Mail - Find the Secret soda can in the mail box.

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