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Nov. 25, 2005
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Cheat Mode
When selecting a team, go to the custom player, enter the following "codes" as a name and click on "Done".

lemon boy - Get Thor Herring
barry dejay - Get Barry Dejay
kobe - Get Kobe Bryant
shaq - Get Shaquille O'Neal
vince - Get Vince Carter
mj - Get Michael Jordan
allen iverson - Get Alen Iverson
Remove CPU power-up
When the CPU has a power-up during game play, select "Time Out" when you have the ball. The CPU's power-up will now be gone.

Bonus courts
Every time you advance past a round in the playoffs, the court for that round will be unlocked in single game and practice modes. Win the championship to unlock the championship court and another secret court.

Recommended teams
Select Barry Dejay (unlock him), Jocinda Smith, Dmitri Petrovitch, Kenny Kawaguchi, and Pablo Sanchez for your team and you should make at least 100 points.

Select Vince Carter (unlock him), Pablo, Jocinda, Kobe Bryant (unlock him), and Lisa Leslie. Play as the Hyper Chuckers and choose the home court the Bears have, and it will be difficult to lose.

Select Thor Herring (secret character "Lemon Boy", starter), Dmitri Pertovich (starter), Pablo Sanchez (starter), Amir Khan, and Kevin Garnett.

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