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Achievements (Steam)
Here's some money, buy some exclusives for me - Put on the Dustin Starcore Cosplay. [SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON]
A Cthulhu Dating Sim - In New Game+, romance Cthulhu.
A Disturbance in the Force - Kill Chris Avellone.
A+ - ???
Acheev Hunter - Pop four achievements at once. [NEW GAME+]
All The World's A Stage - In New Game+, romance Hamlet.
Booty Call of Cthulhu - We told you this was a dating sim.
Childhood's End (the 2015 SyFy one) - Erase a sacred bit of video game history from existence. Good job.
Clever Girl - Recruit the first secret party member with the second secret party member.
Cthulhu Saves Christmas but really kills everyone. - Holidays at Innsmouth suck.
Cycle of Violence - ???
Dan Akroyd - In New Game+, romance Hamlet's Ghost.
Destroyer of Worlds - Complete act 2.
Dinosaur Porn - In New Game+, romance V. Raptor.
Dirty Shoggoth - In New Game+, romance Keziah. But why?
Dragonslaying 101 - In NEW GAME+, choose your hero and go bag yourself a dragon.
Entered Baldur's Gate - In New Game+, romance Baldur.
F- - ???
Fall Quarter Finished - In New Game+, complete Fall Quarter.
For Every Animal You Save - Kill an endangered species.
Furry Lover - In New Game+, romance Hollywood.
Game Dev Stalker - Romance Chris Avellone. [NEW GAME+]
Game Dev Tycoon - In NEW GAME+, review a video game. Hint hint.
Game Dev: Metacritic - ???
Go Not To Wittenberg - In NEW GAME +, cast Riley as Hamlet.
Gotta Go Fast - Start the Invasion of Innsmouth ASAP.
Hamlet vs. Predator - In NEW GAME +, cast V. Raptor as Hamlet.
Hamlet, Prince of Darkness - In NEW GAME +, cast Cthulhu as Hamlet.
Hamlet, Prince of Jams - In NEW GAME +, cast Hollywood as Hamlet.
Hamletpocalypse - That's not how the classic story of Hamlet goes at all. What game do you think this is? Elsinore? Buy Elsinore, it's a great game. [NEW GAME+]
Hogwarts and a Giant Squid - Romance a Boy Wizard. NEW GAME+.
I Never Sleep On Planes So I Can't Be Incepted - ???
I, For One, Welcome Our New Kitten Overlords - Save the kitties.
Is It Like Dark Souls? - Complete the game. Now please don't refund us.
It Launches Vampire Kangaroos - Equip the Vampire Kangaroo Launcher. [HALLOWEEN DLC]
John Stamos, Prince of Danes - In NEW GAME +, cast Hamlet as Hamlet.
Join or Die - Recruited every army squad.
Look Out, We've Got A Badass Over Here - Start the invasion ASAP with all party members at max training. Base party members minimum.
Male Man - You went against canon and forged your own path.
Male Man II - ???
Manic Pixie Girl In Reverse - In New Game+, romance Thatcher.
Mini-game: Magnusball Champion - Win a game of Magnusball. NEW GAME+.
Night Terrors - Recruit Kyle first.
No Country for Old Gods - Do the quest before you're even given it. [HALLOWEEN DLC]
Oh Hey. - ???
OH MY GOD IT'S A SUMMER.... sale - Buy the Gauss Rifle. [SUMMER OF STEAM]
Original Halloween 2013 Launch Date - Do everything at the Spirit Pines location.
Powergamer - Play the game through from beginning to end. Full run of the base campaign plus New Game+.
Pusillanimous Wimp - In NEW GAME +, cast Thatcher as Hamlet.
Radioactive - In NEW GAME+, get caught in a love triangle.
Rule 34 to the max - In New Game+, romance Riley.
Sincerely, The Breakfast Club - ???
Spice = Flow - Don't deny people their pumpkin spice. Don't be a monster. [HALLOWEEN DLC]
Stag - In New Game+, romance no one.
Subjugated All Pokemon To Your Will - Recruited every party member.
The Doom That Came to Sarnath - Get the ultimate weapon from Bokrug's shop.
THE SOUTH WILL RISE - Start a cult.
They Didn't See This Coming - Get your entire party killed at the Invasion of Innsmouth. Excludes any taken to the final battle with Marsh.
This Is The Famous Dead Sea Tupperware - Unlock all armor and weapons at Bokrug's shop.
To Serve Mankind - Complete act 1.
Waifu Run - Beat New Game+ with every romance.
We Represent The Lollipop Guild - Recruit Emilia first.
Whoops - ???
Winter Quarter Finished - In New Game+, complete Winter Quarter.
Yorktown - Turn the world upside down. NEW GAME+.
YOU KNOW, LIKE AN RPG. - Complete your first side quest.

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