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Primary Collection of Cheats
100% armor
Press "#86642#" during game play.

100% health
Press "#24559#" during game play.
Mines Part 1: Secret rooms
Go through the level and collect the Remote Mines. Once you witness the "Ultor Guard", kill the miner, go over to him, and kill him. After you kill him, go right instead of left. There is another guard watching over some health and ammunition.

Go through the level until you reach the first wall to your right that says "FOS Rules". Toss a Remote Mine near it and back up. Press the switch to explode the mine. It will open up a passage with lots of health in it.

Mines Part 1: Get Automatic Shotgun early
Go through the level and collect the Remote Mines, as you will need them later. Continue until you reach a point where there are two yellow cases on the right being watched by two guards. Take out the guards, then toss a Remote Mine near the two cases. It will explode, opening a passage. Go right and collect the health, then go back to the entrance of the hidden passage and go left to collect the Automatic Shotgun. It is a very useful weapon because it kills regular guards in one hit and the yellow guards in two or three hits.

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