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Nov. 29, 2006
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Random wrestler
Press [R] at the character selection screen.

Career mode bonuses
Select a wrestler and win the WWF title in career mode to unlock all hidden wrestlers, and unlock other bonuses, such as Ego Mode, Squeaky Mode, Big Heads, Bleep Mode, additional costumes and others. A new feature will be awarded for each PPV victory or title. Note: Save the game under "Utilities" and not under "Career Mode" to keep the unlocked cheat features.
European title
Trainer selectable, New Creations Options, Squeaky Mode

Intercontinental title
Extra Attribute Points, Big Head Mode

Heavyweight title
Beep Mode, Ego Mode, Head selectable

In Your House PPV
Sable and Marc Mero selectable

King of the Ring PPV
Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku selectable

Royal Rumble PPV
Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer selectable

Summer Slam PPV
Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels selectable

Survivor Series PPV
Jaqueline and Chyna selectable
Bonus details
Squeaky Mode
Wrestler voices sound squeaky and fast.

Extra Attributes
Gives three extra attributes points toward your created character.

Big Heads
Gives the wrestlers big heads.

Beep Mode
Unlock "Bleeped Out" option on the language menu under utilities. Enable that option to bleep out all foul language.

Ego Mode
When the crowd is chanting the wrestler's name, their head will inflate.

New Custom Stuff
More clothes and selections in creation mode.
Reveal moves
To learn the finishers or any other move for a wrestler, enter creation mode and select his or her move set. Then, go to edit to learn how to do any of their moves. Also, pause game play when in the ring and go to movelist. The game will display all moves that can be done at the appropriate time, such as all the Tieup moves, etc.

Other move information
The Rock
Layin the smack down: [Left], [Right] , [Down], "Punch
"Status: Ready
Samoan drop: [Down], [Left], [Circle], "Tieup
"Status: Ready
Double-team moves
Begin a tag team, tornado or two-on-one match. To perform the following moves each player should press "Tieup" simultaneously, except for the Doomsday Device, in which only the player on the turnbuckle needs to press "Tieup".
Double Suplex
Status: Both in front of the opponent

Double Powerbomb
Status: One player in front of opponent, one behind

Double Wishbone Legsplitter
Status: Both players at opponent's feet

Doomsday Device
Status: Opponent on one player's shoulder, other player on top turnbuckle. (One person gets a behind tieup and puts a stunned opponent on your shoulders. The next person should get on the turnbuckle and press [B]).

Smoking Cannon
Status: One player whips opponent off ropes, other player executes back body drop. This sends the opponent flying out of ring causing heavy damage. Note: Perfect setup for over the ropes splash.
Single player tag team match double-team moves
Use the following steps to use double team moves when you are in a one player tag team match. Note: Your opponent has to be stunned.
Double Suplex
Opponent status: Standing
Player status: Standing in front of opponent
Call in your partner and he will stand next you. Then, hold "Tieup" and you will do the Suplex.

Double Powerbomb
Opponent status: Standing
Player status: Behind Opponent (not tied up)
Call in your partner and he will stand in front of your opponent. Then, hold "Tieup" and you will do the Powerbomb.

Double Wishbone Legsplitter
Opponent status: On ground
Player status: At opponent's legs
Call in your opponent and he will stand next to you. Then, hold "Tieup" and you will do the Legsplitter.
Replacement moves in creation mode
The following moves can be used as replacements in creation mode.
The Tiger Driver can be used in place of Ahmed Johnson's Pearl River Plunge.
The Crucifix Powerbomb can be used in place of Razor Ramon's Razor's Edge.
The Celestial Splash can be used in place of the Vader Bomb.
The Hanging Powerslam or Front Brainbuster can be used in place of Hardcore Holly's Hollycaust.
Death From Above can be used in place of Viscera's Giant Splash.
A Reverse DDT can be used in place of Sean Stasiak's Meat Grinder.
The Minichoku Driver or the Gorilla Press Slam can be used in place of Prince Albert's inverted Press Slam.
The Pimp Drop can be used in place of Chaz's finisher.
The Elevated Crab can be used in place of the Lion Tame.
The Chokeslam from the tie-up position or the One Handed Chokeslam from the ready position can be used in place of the Big Show's Show Stopper.
The Beast Choker can be used in place of Taz's Taz Misson.
The T-Bone Suplex can be used in stead of Taz's Taz Suplex.
The Money Shot can be used in place of Jimmy Snuka's Splash.
The Front Face DDT can be used in place of Diamond Dallas Page's Diamond Cutter.
The Hanging Powerslam from the tie up position can be used in place of Goldberg's Jackhammer.
The Downward Spiral can be used in place of Kanyon's Flatliner.
The Powerbomb can be used in place of Diesel's Jackknife Powerbomb.
The Kamakazi Headbutt can be used in place of Chris Benoit's Flying Headbutt.
The Sharpshooter can be used in place of Sting's Scorpion Death Lock.
The Leg Drop can be used in place of Hogan's Leg Drop.
The Stage Dive can be used for the Hardy Boys Senton Bomb, there are others like the Kamikaze Headbutt.
The Elbow Drop Off The Top can be used in place of Test's Elbow Off The Top or Macho Man's Elbow drop.
The Camel Clutch can be used in place of Scott Steiner's Steiner Recliner.
The Charging Avalanche can be used in place of the Stinger Splash.
The Pimp Drop can be used in place of the Spiccoli Driver.
Marc Mero's TKO can be used in place of Sean Stasiak's finisher or Lash Leroux's Whiplash.
The Running Powerslam can be used in place of the British Bulldog's Running Powerslam
The Fisherman's Suplex can be used in place of Mr.Perfect's Perfectplex.
The Fisherman's Suplex can be used in place of Curt Hennig's Hennig Plex.
The High Ankle Suplex can be used as Kurt Angle's Olympic Slam.
The Inverted Piledriver can be used as Rikishi Phatu's Rikishi Driver.
The Powerbomb from the tieup position can be used as The Undertaker's Last Ride Powerbomb.
The Sweet Chin Music can be used as Rikishi Phatu's Shuffle Sidekick.
The Frontface DDT can be used as Matt Hardy's Twist Of Fate.
The Senton Bomb Off The Top Rope can be used as Grand Master Sexay's Hip Hop Drop.
The Stage Dive can be used as the Rikishi Squash.
The Hanging Powerslam can be used as Billy Gunn's Jackhammer.
The Crucifix Powerbomb can be used as The Undertaker's Last Ride
The Elevated Crab can be used as Y2J's The Walls Of Jericho.
Hold [Kick] + "Tieup" and press [Up], [Left], [Down], or [Right] during a match.

Using top rope moves that do not work
In the create-a-wrestler screen, go to the moves screen to see your wrestler's moves or select moves if you are making a wrestler. In the top rope moves (silver screen) are a number of moves that for some reason, are used by pressing the C"-Down". Moves such as the Moonsault, Hollywood Star Press, and Celestial Splash do not show up when your wrestler is on the top rope. Wrestlers such as Al Snow use the Moonsault. Using these moves is simple. If you are making a wrestler, choose what moves you want or play a wrestler with a special top rope move such as Al Snow. When you are about the climb the turnbuckle to the top rope, hold [C-Down] the moment you start up.

New chant
Press [Start] to pause game play after a chant starts. The crowd will be doing a different chant after the game is resumed. For example, the crowd will start chanting "Mankind, Mankind" but end up chanting "Socko, Socko".

Extra shirts
Use the following trick to get extra shirts. Chose any shirt, but make it completely black. Go to the tattoo option, and chose any tattoo. The tattoo will appear on the shirt, creating a new shirt. This works especially well with the "ATTITUDE" tattoo.

New custom clothing
Enter create a wrestler mode. Pick any skin color other than the skin number 1. Nose 15 and nose 16 should appear under noses and some extra clothing such as "wimpy" shorts should also be available. Note: The noses do not work with all skin colors, but do work with skin number 4.

View alternate costumes
Set up a Tornado match with all characters being the same wrestler. When the wrestlers do their sayings in the ring, you will be able to view all the alternate costumes.

Win by error
Enter a Co-Op 2 On 1, Last Man Standing, Hardcore match and hit your partner with a weapon/ If he is down for ten seconds a message with your wrestler names followed by "win by error" will appear.
Quick Career mode
When selecting a career type (tag, etc.), choose two player. Your opponent in some of the matches will be player two, and it starts out with the championship division. Make player two with no attributes to win faster.

Fast matches
To get short matches, set the time to one minute. Your energy will decrease quickly. To make it go faster, get an opponent whose "Toughness" is very weak.

Easy move
Just when your opponent goes to hit your wrestler press [L] or [R] to end up dizzy. However, when he gets closer to you, you will be able to get him in an easy move

Career mode Hardcore Belt
To get the Hardcore belt, choose a hardcore wrestler such as Al Snow.

Easy move after knockdown
After you knock down your opponent, or he knocks you out, enter a move combo and hold the last button. When you or your opponent gets up, the move will be executed.

Dlo: Drop flip over
Select D-Lo Brown as a wrestler. Execute the Dlo Drop while your opponent is on his stomach and he will flip over for you.

Undertaker: Easy win
Hit your opponent with Backbreakers from the tie up until they have energy in the yellow. Then, hit them with the Tie Up Chokeslam ([Up], [Down], [B]). He should be out and with energy in the light orange range. Pick him up, then go into a tie up. Then, go to a tie up to behind ([Up], [Up], [C-Down]). Then, lock in the sleeper hold. They will be forced to submit.

Low blow
Get knocked down and repeatedly press [B] as your wrestler gets up.

Better wrestler creation
Make your wrestler look as desired, then go to the moves option. Edit the moves as needed, and try to include lots of finishers, but keep within the limit.

Stable match energy
When playing a stable match, your energy will go down very quickly (with five good moves).

Winning a 3-on-1 Hardcore match
Grab a weapon and run to where the wrestlers appear. Use the weapon and fight all three of them (who will not have weapons). They will not go back to get any weapons, and none will fall where you are fighting.

For another way to win, run to the outside of the ring before any CPU wrestler attacks as the match begins. Then, run when the wrestlers try to jump over the top rope. Target one wrestler while still on the outside and beat him while ignoring the rest, if possible. If not, just throw the wrestler down, then press "Block", change view, and do the same move. Do this until the person is on the floor or standing up in a dazed position. Then, quickly enter the ring. One wrestler should be eliminated. Then. do this again to eliminate the second wrestler and face only one CPU wrestler. . You can face him and beat him down, or just run outside and wait for him to be dazed and get back into the ring at the last second.

Winning a Tag Team Gauntlet
Start a Tag Team Gauntlet. When you are the first one, bring your opponent on the outside. Fight him and the clock will count down. At about "5", call in your partner. When you call him in, instead of going in the, ring he will come out to help turning it into a 2-1. Keep doing moves until the clock runs out. It will be a double count out, but if you did more damage you will win the entire gauntlet, and not just one team.

Get tag partner into ring
Hold [C-Up], [C-Left] + [R].

Time out victory
While in a Triple Threat/ Triangle/War mode match, select 3 or 4 players. Then, do the most damage and have the person who did all the moves in the entire matchget counted out. This works best with a 1:00 time limit. After the time is up the message "<wrestler name> wins by declaration of Vince McMahon" will appear.

Select King Of The Ring (8 player) mode, and set the time to one minute. Do not move the wrestlers at all after the match begins. At the end, the camera will choose a wrestler and the message "<wrestler name> wins by declaration of Vince McMahon" will appear.

Play in any match that you can get counted out in. Hit your opponent, then run out of the ring (and make sure he does not hit you). Get counted out and the message "<wrestler name> wins by declaration of Vince McMahon" will appear.

Quick Cruicifix pin victory
Selecting a wrestler with a Crucifix pin. Get your opponent's power into the yellow, then execute the Crucifix pin to quickly win.

Custom Raw arena entrances
Make your custom arena a Raw arena -- a regular PPV arena will not work. Gangrel will appear from the floor fire and Stone Cold will break the glass to come down to the ring.

Royal Rumble elimination
To eliminate your opponent in the Royal Rumble when they are dazed on their feet, press [Left], [Left], "Block" to pick them up. Then, walk to the ropes and press "Tieup". If you are behind a dazed opponent, you can use the Atomic Drop Whip, which is [Left], [Left], "Block".

When playing as Kane in the Royal Rumble, you can toss opponent out of the ring if you have your back directly to ropes. Tie up your opponent and press [Left], [Right], "Left," "Tieup". Kane will suplex them out of the ring.

While playing as Gangrel in a Royal Rumble you can eliminate your opponents easily using his Overhead Belly-To-Belly Suplex: [Right], [Down], [Kick].

You can eliminate wrestlers in the Royal Rumble by doing a Back Body Drop with your back near the ropes.

Two-on-one matches
When you are facing two people (usually in career mode) instead of trying to pin the opponents, keep beating them up until time runs out. If your wrestler hits them enough, you will win by most damage.

Cooperative one-on-two or -three matches for player one
Normally, you cannot play a one-on-two or one-on-three (handicap) match when one player is playing. There are two kinds of one-on-two or -three matches:
(One player mode)
1 on 2
1 on 3

(Two player mode)
1 on 2 coop
1 on 2 co-op (this means one player can be on one side or the other)
1 on 3 coop (three wrestlers including yourself against someone)
Go to the execution screen and plug in a controller into port two. Go to the two player screen and you will see the options previously discussed. Remove the controller from port two and you will return to the player one matches screen. Press [Up] to return to the two player screen. Do not press [Left] or [Right] or the entire process will have to be repeated. Select a match to continue.

I Quit Cage match
In the odd time you are playing this type of match, do not waste your time trying to get your opponent to submit. You can still win by climbing out of the cage.

If you are having problems with an I Quit Cage match, try to intentionally lose. Stand there, jump off the top rope into nobody, or kill yourself. You will move back one rank spot. However, if you win your next match you will be in the same rank as before but at a different type of match.

Tag Cage match
If you have any kind of tag cage match when both your opponents are in the red, it only takes one person to climb out to win.

Stunning the CPU in tag team matches
Begin a tag team match with a friend against the CPU. When the first opponent comes in, slide out of the ring. Go near your tag team partner by the outer part of the ring, where he is standing. When the CPU passes your partner, he should press [Punch], [Kick], or "Tieup". If done correctly, the CPU will be stunned and fall. This can be repeated as needed.

Call out wrestler in grudge match
Begin a grudge match in career mode and get one opponent in the red and the other in the green. A man will automatically come out and help the man in the red.

Training for reversals
Take away (set to 0) all the attributes for the default custom wrestler and set his recovery to 10. Give him the move that you want to practice reversing at damage 4. Start a vs. match, select your character, choose default as your opponent, and set the time to no limit. This will allow you to train against that move.

Better looking arena
When creating an arena and selecting the entrance lights, move all the way down until "Dim----" appears. Choose your color and the lights will appear on the light bulbs. The bulbs will appear much brighter (even though it says dim). You can turn the ring lights off or use the same color to make matches like Inferno.

Getting your opponent booed
Start a match that is not a weapon or cage type. Run and slide down to the outside. Your opponent will follow you soon. Slide back into the ring, then slide out again when your opponent gets onto the apron. When you slide down again, your opponent will turn around and get ready to get down to the floor again. Slide back in before he or she gets down, and the crowd will begin to boo. This is useful to get the crowd to stop cheering for your opponent.

Baseball Swing with weapon
Get your opponent stunned in a hardcore match:. Get a weapon that you use with two hands, such as the ladder or the chair and hit your opponent. Your wrestler will do a baseball swing with that weapon.

Moves off the apron with a weapon in your hands
Start a hardcore match and get your opponent out of the ring. Get a weapon that you do not carry over your head (such as a suitcase, guitar, etc.) and go out onto the apron. Walk over to where your opponent is and try doing a move such an Axe Handle Smash. This trick works even if he is lying down.

Alternate music
You can hear different music for Chyna, X-Pac, Mark Henry, Road Dogg and Bad Ass when the game is set on teen mode under the "Utilities" option. Chyna appears with No Chance in Hell, X-Pac to his music, Mark Henry to Sexual Chocolatemusic, and Road Dogg and Bad Ass say "Oh you didn't know?".

Enter the Create-A-Wrestler screen and select "Personality". Go to "Theme Song", then select "Custom". Go to "Pajamarama" and the music will be Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting For Tonight" except a little bit faster.

Funny music and voices
Enable "Squeaky mode" and go to the create-a-wrestler menu. Go to the music and listen to all the songs. Marc Mero's music (if unlocked) in particular sounds like a rock band. Note: The music will stop for a couple of seconds to catch up with the beat.

Alternate Al Snow picture
Turn on the game, but do not press anything on the controllers. When the demo match begins, press [Start] and then look in the middle of the pictures on the left to see a different picture of Al Snow.

Cactus Jack and Dude Love appearance
Go to War Match and select Mankind for all of them. The third and fourth ones will be Cactus Jack and Dude Love.

Glitch: Reversed finishers
Select Mosh or Thrasher and Mosh will have the Stage Dive, while Thrasher has the Mosh Pit.

Glitch: Music mismatches
Unlock Chyna, then start a match with her. The "No Chance In Hell" music will be playing during her entrance, but the DX music will be playing after you win.

When playing as Mark Henry, he will enter to his "Sexual Chocolate" music. After the match, his Nation of Domination music plays.

When playing in career mode and you have to fight at a Shotgun Saturday Night, the game plays Sunday Night Heat music. When fighting at Sunday Night Heat, it plays the Shotgun Saturday Music.

When playing as X-pac on Heat, X-pac's music will play during his entrance, but DX music will play as the exit music.

Glitch: Teen language
With the teen language setting, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn will still say the same speech.

Glitch: Credits
Allow demo mode to complete and the credits to start. The comment "WF Attitude" instead of "WWF Attitude" will appear.

Glitch: Instruction manual errors
The triple threat match is switched with the triangle match in the instruction manual.

The instruction manual states that you will lose in last man standing if the count goes up to ten. However, you actually lose when the count goes down to one.

In the back of the instruction manual that describes character matching, it displays Jerry "The King" Lawler's face instead of X-Pac's.

Glitch: 2-on-1 match
When the entrance sequence happens before the match, the second player of the team with the advantage will walk to the ring in an opposite direction. Instead of walking to the ring steps, they will walk to the other corner.

Glitch: Handicap match
Enter a handicap match and get rid of one (or two, depending if it is a 2-on-1 or a 3-on-1 match) of the wrestlers (pin, submit, count out). Run outside the ring and get counted out. When the game shows the faces at the end, it will have all three (or two) names, but only the remaining wrestlers face. Then all three (or two) will be doing their poses at the end.

Glitch: Pass through the ropes and floor
In a match, go to the left side of the ring, right next to the closest turnbuckle. Climb out, but stay on top so you are outside the ropes. Have another player hit you while you are facing away from the ring. If done correctly, your wrestler will go inside the ropes close to where your opponent is located, fall through the floor, and end up on the ground on the side nearest to you.

Glitch: Royal Rumble banner
In create a Pay-Per-View mode, the stage banner for Royal Rumble is the 1999 Royal Rumble banner, but the ring banner is the 1995 Royal Rumble Banner.

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