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Nov. 29, 2006
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Quick start
Hold both "Gas" buttons just before the announcer says, "Go!". Done properly, your speed should increase immediately to maximum power.

Color select
Highlight a character and hold [Up] on the "Analog"-"stick" when selecting a jet ski to choose between two different color schemes.

Dolphin ride
Note: This trick will not work on v1.1 of the game. Select stunt mode and ride in Dolphin Park. Go through all the rings and perform the following stunts:
<UL> <LI>Handstand (off throttle, [Down] and [Up]) <LI>Spin (off throttle, sweep Analog-stick clockwise) <LI>Stand (off throttle, sweep Analog-stick counterclockwise) and Somersault (hold [Down]) <LI>Roll left (off ramp, press [Right] and hold [Left]) <LI>Roll right (off ramp, press [Left] and hold [Right]) <LI>Flip (off ramp, hold [Up] and press [Down]) <LI>Dive (off ramp, hold [Down] and press [Up]) </UL>

A dolphin will squeak as you cross the finish line to confirm correct trick entry. Exit, select championship mode and the warm up option. Hold [Down] on the Analog-stick when selecting a character. When game play starts, your character will be riding on a dolphin. It can perform a Flip, Barrel Roll, and Submarine stunts. Note that the dolphin may only be used within this area. This secret is saved with your game, so that the stunts do not have to be repeated.

Glacier Coast
Select expert mode and get to the seventh stage, which is Glacier Coast. You do not have to win this stage, just have to play it to unlock it in time trial, two player versus mode, and stunt mode.

Gentle waves and ramps
Press [B] just before hitting a big wave or ramp to reduce the amount of air time.

Change view
Press [C-Up] and [C-Down] to adjust the zoom. Press [C-Left] and [C-Right] to change the camera angle.

Press [R] to slide on the water.

Baby dolphins
Select championship mode, normal, and warm up. During game play, follow the dolphin around the course three times mirroring each stunt that it performs. The dolphin will jump over the bridge after the Dolphin Park sign to confirm correct trick entry.

Killer whale
Same as the baby dolphin trick, except the dolphin must be followed for twenty course laps. A killer whale will appear to lead the baby dolphins.

During the second lap at Southern Island, you will hear splashing soon see a killer whale.

Same as the baby dolphin trick, except the dolphin must be followed for one hundred course laps. The penguin will be wading around the shore.

Reverse mode
Win the game on expert mode. After the ending sequence, return to championship mode and choose the new reverse mode option to go through the course backwards.

Fast recovery
Repeatedly tap [A] after falling off the jet ski to climb back quickly.
Change rider's name
To change a rider name, go to options screen and select "Change Names".

While in the air press [Up], then hold [Down]. If you have enough air, you will land it.

Double Backflip
Select M. Jeter, the third character from the left on the selection screen. You can execute a double backflip on almost all waves and every course ramp except several ramps on Glacier Island. This maneuver results in 2340 to 2600 points per jump.

Go to championship mode. select "Normal", then warm up. Choose the girl, go 106 mph off the jump, press [Up] and then hold [Down] until you land it.

Mid Air Corner Sharp Lee
Obtain a speed of 110 km/hr or higher and head to towards a ramp, keeping up your speed. Turn your jet ski to the left or right while in air, press [B], and turn back towards the ramp.

Marine Fort course
Press Analog-stick [Down] when you go to jump the piece of cement. If you hit it halfway through, you may not wipe out.

Southern Island shortcut
When you approach the jump (not the one that goes over the boat) do a submarine dive to go under the wharf, which saves some time. Note: This will only work in the first lap.

Port Blue shortcut
Begin game play in two-player vs. mode. There a fork at the first tunnel. Follow the right side for a shortcut. Note: This cannot be done in normal mode.

Extra points
When going off a ramp in stunt mode, turn tightly immediately before the ramp and do a flip. Doing this will give you a couple hundred more points.

Pause the game immediately after a stunt and just before the announcer speaks in stunt mode. When done properly, only the announcer's voice will be heard. A large number of extra points will be awarded for simple stunts. Another way get extra points is to cross the finish time as the clock reaches zero.

Use character that is second from the right when at Twilight City or Dolphin Park. Execute a sideflip back flip. These are the easier ramps to use.

Deeper dives
To do a deeper and longer dive into the water, go to the watercraft selection screen. After choosing your watercraft, select "Custom", and put the small yellow bar all the way to the "Top End" of the "Engine" bar. Start the race and when you go off a wave or a ramp and perform a dive, you will go farther into the water and stay under longer.

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