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Cheat mode
Press [R] + [Z] at the main menu. Then, enter one of the following codes.
All tracks

All characters

Lizzie and no other characters

Double rollerball time
Enter "2TIMES".

Ice platforms

Gooey platforms

Icy and gooey platforms

Level select
Enter "JUMPAROUND". Then, pause game play to access the level selection option.

Mix and match mode

Random bombs
Enter "OHMY". Running into other balls or obstacles may cause bombs to appear randomly.

Bomb power-ups

Bombs only

Full turbos
Enter "GOBABY".

Fat reckin' balls

More bounce

Small balls

All balls are blue

Non-stop rollerball
Enter "NONSTOP".

Enable Turok 2 graphic effect engine
Enter "2ROKTOO".

Black and white graphics

Pen and ink graphics
Enter "PENCIL".

Sudden Death mode:

No weapons
Full boost
Tap [Jump] while on a boost platform.

Extra characters
Press [B], [A], [L]x2, [Z] at the title screen.

Swing faster
Hold [L] + [R] + [A] + [B] to have the balls swing faster.

Voice test
Highlight a character, press [Analog-stick Left] or [Analog-stick Right], then wait approximately one minute to hear what that character says when hit.

Practice mode
Note: This is not training mode. Press [R] + [Z] at the title screen. Enable the "Level select" code and enter battle mode. Jump to the level you want to practice. Go through the level to the finish ring. The finish ring loses its warping power when accessed in battle mode. If you want to practice the level again, choose "Restart Level" at the start menu. Note: You may have to practice as a bomb if you were beat up before reaching the finish line.

Quick level completion
At the title screen, select "Options" and set the difficulty to "Easy". Enable the "Level select" code. When the level starts, go to the Final Tower of the level. Finish it in first place. The game will note that you completed all of the towers in first place and give you a "World Completed!" and unlock the next level.
See King Jr.'s eyes
Enable the "All characters" and "Mix and match mode" codes. Select King Jr. as your main character and go into any mode. If lucky, King Jr.'s sunglasses will be gone and you can see his eyes.

Bomb physics
Enable the "Fat reckin' balls" code. Bomb physics will be enabled with fat balls. Note: Bomb Physics is high jumping, but no grappling.

Battle mode finish line strip
Use the "Bomb Physics" trick. Enter battle mode and select the level named "The Deep". Go to the red quarter of the battlefield. Jump and keep jumping and you will see, and can land on, a little finish line strip.

Flying rocket roller ball
When you are directly in front of an automatic roll section, drop swing over it, and in mid-air quickly press "Turbo" repeatedly. You should be flying over the roll section at lightning speed and should not be able to see your ball because of all the flashes the turbos are making. When you find out that you cannot do this anymore, it is because you are no long flying over a roll section and it is now regular ground. Note: Enabling the "Full turbos" code may help. This cannot be done on all roll sections. They must meet the following requirements. They do not change elevation any higher than the starting point at any part. They do not contain a loop at any point. A perfect example of this is the last roll section in the deep, tower 3: "ski jump". The dragonfly drops you directly in front of it.

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