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Primary Collection of Cheats
Medium difficulty tracks and boats
Successfully complete all three easy difficulty tracks in first, second, or third place.

Hard difficulty tracks and boats
Successfully complete all medium difficulty tracks in first or second place.

Catacombs track
Successfully complete the hard difficulty level tracks in first place.

Hydro Speedway track and Tiny Titanic boat
Finish the Catacombs track in first place.

Castle Von Dandy track and Armed Response boat
Finish the Hydro Speedway track in first place.

Nile Adventure track and Blowfish boat
Finish the Castle Von Dandy track in first place.

Chumdinger boat
Finish the Nile Adventure track in first place.

Tinytanic boat
The Tinytanic boat can be unlocked by completing the Catacomb level. All bonus boats are unlocked by getting first place in each bonus track.
Jump the boat
Make sure you have plenty of turbo power. Hold "Throttle", press [B], then press "Turbo". This should make the boat get some necessary air off ramps.

Bunny hop
Press [Down], hold [A], then hold [B] at the same time and use the booster. If done correctly, your boat will jump in the air.

Quick start
Press [A] when the announcer at the start of the race is says "3… 2...1... Go Go Go". This will result in a quick start, and sometimes a 4 second booster.

Use the following sequence in order to receive the four second boost at the beginning of the race. As the announcer says "3", take the accelerator needle up to half the gauge. As the announcer says "2", allow it to drop. When it goes all the way down hit the accelerator on "1" and hold to get the 4 second boost.

Hold [B] at the start of the race. Wait as the announcer says "3… 2…". Release [B] and press "Throttle" as the announcer says "1". If done correctly, your boat will bunny hop in the air and get a very fast start.

Press [A]x2, [B], [A] when the announcer at the start of the race is says "3… 2...1... Go Go Go". If done correctly, you will get a 4 second booster.

Arctic Circle: Shortcut
Near the beginning of the level are some houses. There is a house where you can only see the roof. Jump off the roof and you should jump up about three or four places ahead.

Arctic Circle: 4 second boost
When you are about halfway through the track, there is the 4 second boost before a 90 degree left turn, and a tunnel before the corner. Use boost to ram into the bank just before the tunnel and bounce into the tunnel. When you enter the tunnel you will pick up speed and your boat will be uncontrollable. You will exit before the tanker jump.

Arctic Circle: Secret area
When you reach the area with the big oil tanker and penguins, jump over into a secret area with a red boost.

Catacomb: 9 second boost
At beginning of the race there are two columns. Go between them and you will get a 9 second boost.

Far East: Shortcut
When you are about half way through the level you will reach a place where the water will drop three times. Just when your on the third one, immediately do your booster jump when you get on the edge. When your boat jumps in the air, hold "Boost". If done correctly, you should land on top of a place above the tunnel ahead. This will make it much faster than having to go in a big "L". Note: This requires some practice.

Far East: Boost
When you pass the first dragon shortly before the finish line, make sure you have some boost remaining for the little island holding the second dragon. If you boost/jump through the lanterns on the island, you will get extra boost. You can get an eight second boost if you hit both lanterns precisely.

Lake Powell ramp
There is concrete divider in the middle ramp.

Lake Powell: Shortcut
Near the end of the level there are two gaps and a cement ramp-like wall separating them. Use your booster and go up the ramp. You should land on the train tracks and get a 9 second boost.

Lost Island: 9 second booster
Enter the first waterfall that appears in the Lost Island track. Jump over the lava spout to get a 9 second booster. The waterfalls are the best place to find shortcuts and secrets. The best boat to use, once unlocked, is the Tidal Blade. It has great maneuverability.

Lost Island: Shortcut
Go through the waterfall at the beginning of the level. You will get a red and blue boost, fall out a small fall, and immediately find a small village. At the end of the village, before the slight turn, go towards the left side. You will find a cave. Go through it and get the red boost, then a blue. You will exit the cave and be above the track. You will get another blue boost and a final red boost.

This level has three shortcuts. At the start, go through the waterfall then turn to the left. Before you go through the tunnel, do a Hydrojump. This will take you to a secret area. If you miss it, you can also go up the other waterfall but you will take damage. You can then go through the volcano, but use a turbo off of the ramp to get an invisible 9 second boost.

New York Disaster: Shortcut
Near the beginning is a silver revolving door that appears to be solid. Go through it and you will find a blue boost and a red boost. To get the red boost you have to use a Hydro Jump (hold [Brake] and use "Boost").

Just after the start when you enter the first tunnel, you will see a checkered pattern on the left wall (just before exiting the tunnel). This is a shortcut that will bring you to where the revolving door would, and will take you five or so places further into the pack.

Venice Canals: Complete level
The following steps will help you complete Venice Canals, the hardest level (next to Nile Adventure) in the game in the only way possible. First, you must get a large amount of boost. A fast boat like the RaD HaZarD is recommended, if your good at turning. You must use your hydro jump to jump onto and over grass. This will get you ahead of a few racers. Then, you will reach a room with swinging chandeliers You have to hydro jump at just the right moment on the second chandeliers (there are a total of three). You will get a 9 second boost. Use it wisely to win and complete the level.

Recommended boats
The following is a list of the best boats to use on the easy and medium tracks.
Thunder Park track: Damn the Torpedoes
Lost Island track: Midway
Arctic Circle track: Damn the Torpedoes
Greek Isles track: Midway
Lake Powell track: Thresher
The Far East track: Thresher or Midway

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