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Nov. 29, 2006
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Ghost vehicle
After completion of a course, select a different vehicle and play that course again. You will be competing against a ghost version of your previous attempt.

Quick start
Press [Accelerate] when the last beep is heard as the light is turning green.

Bonus courses
Successfully complete all missions and find all six scientists to access two bonus courses. The objective of the first bonus mission is to clear a town of all objects in order to allow a space shuttle to make an emergency landing. The objective of the second bonus mission is to clear all buildings off the Moon. A third bonus mission is accessible only after a perfect score is achieved.
Quick explosion
Drive your vehicle (the Backlash works well) right next to an obstacle and press [Z]. The driver will yell and not exit the vehicle because it is too close to the obstacle. Continue to hold [Z] until the obstacle explodes. Use this method to destroy buildings that require demolition by TNT or other non-standard methods. This feature is not available on the bonus courses or in the PAL version of the game.

Blow up the wall
If you cannot get into position to use "Quick explosion" hint, try the following with the Ramdozer. Take your vehicle and push it as far against a wall as possible. The Ramdozer's shovel should be bouncing up and down. <PRE> ______= wall B = Vehicle a = Your character _________ B </PRE> Next, press [Z] to exit the vehicle. Line up so that the vehicle is between your character and the wall. <PRE> _________ B a </PRE> Hold the D-pad in the direction of the wall ([Up], in this example) and re-enter the vehicle. Keep holding the D-pad after your character is inside, and the vehicle will turn and destroy the wall. This procedure is especially helpful in Ebony Coast, where the three TNT buildings cannot be easily accessed for the "Quick explosion" hint.

Very Quick
On the Skyfall level, you must finish in 4 seconds to achieve a platinum medal. To do this you must dive at an angle into the first two and quickly turn around and dive into the remaining two at an angle. It's quite hard at first, but you get the hang of it quickly.

Bonus Level: Moon
After saving the space shuttle you'll have completed the transition level that leads the Blast Corps into outer space. You'll fly to the moon on the space shuttle and wreak havok there, having to destroy several constructs within six minutes. Backlash is the only chooseable vehicle.Gravity is different, much like it would be on the moon, and control of ones's vehicle is even more of necessary than ever. As in the Earth's levels, look for ditches and hills to launch Backlash into buildings with even more power. This level is truly fun.

Bonus Level: Shuttle Island
The new challenge is to clear a path for a runaway space shuttle. The space shuttle has been battered and disabled and must land in the middle of a city. The Blast Corps must destroy the entire city to let it land. To beat this level, you must locate Thunderfist. At the level's immediate beginning, drive right, and follow the perimeter of the buildings on your left. You'll take a left, and then drive straight until you reach a set of buildings with dynamite crates surrounding them. Blow up the first one, and inside it is Thuderfist. Use this awesome destructor to annihilate the city.

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