Fruit Ninja HD Cheats - iPhone

 All cheats for this game by platform: iPhone
Check out these Fruit Ninja HD cheats and stay cool!
Unlock Items
Butterfly Knife - Get a combo with a Strawberry 40 times.
Disco Blade - Slice 50 Bannanas.
Flame Blade - Get a combo in Zen Mode after the timer stops.
Fruit Ninja - Get a score of 125 in Clasic Mode, and do not drop a fruit the entire time.
Great Wave - Slice 150 Watermelons.
I Heart Sensei - Read 3 of Sensei's Fruit Facts (lose 3 times).
Ice Blade - Slice 20 Freeze Banannas in Arcade Mode.
Mr. Sparkle - Lose Classic Mode with a score of 42.
Old Glory - Lose Classic Mode with a score of 50.
Pixel Love - Follow Halfbrick Studios on Facebook or Twitter.
Yin Yang - Slice 75 Passionfruits.

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