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Nov. 29, 2006
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Play in finals as the Celtics
Enter "JGQ CGK" as a password. Enter "LGQ HJK" as a password to start with a 3-0 record in the finals.
Tom Chambers' unstoppable flying dunk
When playing as the Western All-Stars or Phoenix Suns, pass the ball to Chambers. Take him to the space between the foul lane and the three point arc above the foul lanes on screen, then run toward the basket and press [Shoot]. He will fly up from approximately fifteen feet away from the basket, and dunk the ball. He never misses and this play may always be repeated. Note: You can still get called for charging fouls if his path is blocked, so maneuver him into place and avoid fouling him out.

Celtics vs. SpursCZ2 QKT
Lakers vs. BullsLLQ RJK
Suns vs. CelticsRP2 HJT
Blazers vs. CelticsTY6 HJK
Spurs vs. 76ers8W2 QJS
76ers vs. SpursH12 QJT
Bulls vs. Trailblazers6RQ QJJ
Pistons vs. LakersG72 Q0J

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