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Aug. 29, 2013
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Cheat Mode
Enter the following codes at the "Password" menu, and then a swarm of that Pokemon type will show up the next month:

Sr5Z5GqAgR - Dratini.
2rz3XFCKmR - Eevee.
LTb3n3RYJ8 - Gible.
mq2xRVNgRL - Gyarados.
frCLRpXG88 - Oshawott.
CNZF3wpq3x - Panpour.
niE33w9rwM - Pansear.
Unlock Special Episodes
Aya episode "Love is a Battlefield" - Finish Kenshin episode.
Gracia episode "All Grown Up" - Finish Mitsuhide episode.
Hanbei episode "The Reluctant Genius" - Finish Hideyoshi episode.
Hanzo episode "A Ninja amongst Ninjas" - Finish Ieyasu episode.
Hero episode *"Two Heroes of Ransei" - Finish 16 senior warlords episodes.
Ina episode "Grace and Beauty' - Finish Tadakatsu episode.
Kai episode "Simply the Best" - Finish Ujiyasu episode.
Kanbei episode "The Visionary's Quest" - Finish Hanbei episode.
Kanetsugu episode "Land of Love and Righteousness" - Finish Kenshin episode.
Kiyomasa episode "Not Worth Fighting Over...2" - Finish Mitsunari episode.
Kunoichi episode "Time for Battle" - Finish Yukimura episode.
Magoichi episode "This One Goes Out to My Fans" - Finish Gracia episode.
Masamune episode "The Dragon's Dream" - Finish Kanetsugu episode.
Masanori episode "Not Worth Fighting Over...3" - Finish Kiyomasa episode.
Motochika episode "The Rebel" - Finish Kotaro episode.
Motonari episode "Putting the Book Down" - Finish Muneshige episode.
Muneshige episode "Blowing in the Wind" - Finish Ginchiyo episode.
Nene episode "Teaching Them a Lesson" - Finish Hideyoshi episode.
No episode "Ransei's Legendary Beauty" - Finish Mitsuhide episode.
Nobunaga episode "The Road to Conquest" - Finish 9 episodes.
Oichi episode "The Rose of Ransei" - Finish Mitsunari episode.
Shingen episode "Archenemies" - Finish Yukimura episode.
Tadakatsu episode "The Unpararelleled Warrior" - Finish Ieyasu episode.
Ujiyasu episode "The Which We Hold Dear" - Finish Kotaro episode.
Yoshihiro episode "The FInal Gamble" - Finish Ginchiyo episode.
Yoshimoto episode "Pokemari and Me" - Finish Shingen episode.

Note: To unlock Hero episode, finish the following 16 senior warlords' episodes: 1) Hideyoshi 2) Motonari 3) Motochika 4) Ginchiyo 5) Yoshimoto 6) Yoshihiro 7) Kenshin 8) Shingen 9) Ujiyasu 10) Nene 11) Kotaro 12) Masamune 13) Ieyasu 14) No 15) Mitsuhide 16) Nobunaga.

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