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Unlock Characters & Color Palette
Collect the proper amount of points to unlock characters and color palettes. Note that the characters you unlock will go in order from A to I, skipping whichever letter you chose at the beginning of the game.

Blue-Green Color Palette - Acquire 1,650 Points.
Brown Color Palette - Acquire 1,150 Points.
Dark Gray Color Palette - Acquire 600 Points.
Eighth Letter Character - Acquire 1,900 Points.
Fifth Letter Character - Acquire 700 Points.
First Letter Character - Acquire 100 Points.
Fourth Letter Character - Acquire 520 Points.
Light Gray Color Palette - Acquire 800 Points.
Light Green Color Palette - Acquire 170 Points.
Orange Color Palette - Acquire 310 Points.
Pink Color Palette - Acquire 450 Points.
Purple Color Palette - Acquire 2,200 Points.
Second Letter Character - Acquire 240 Points.
Seventh Letter Character - Acquire 1,400 Points.
Sixth Letter Character - Acquire 950 Points.
Teal Color Palette - Acquire 50 Points.
Third Letter Character - Acquire 380 Points.

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