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CPU control
Hold [L] + [R] and press [Up], [Left], [A], [Left], [A], [Down], [Right], [B], [Right], [B] during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The game will continue by itself under CPU control.

Full pause screen
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [X] + [Y].

Alternate game
Successfully complete the game, then load the saved game file and select any level. Game play will begin with new routes at a harder difficulty setting.

Fiery Ulala
Achieve a rank of 95% or higher to play as Ulala surrounded by purple fire.

Michael Jackson cameo
Michael Jackson can be found in the last level of the game.
Defeating the second-to-last Boss
When facing the Boss that makes you copy its moves in reverse, simply turn your controller upside-down -- you will not have to think the reversed commands.

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