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Check out these Terraria cheats and stay cool!
All Pumped Up (10,000 XP) - Max out your health and mana.
Collector (10,000 XP) - Obtain every type of armor available.
Could This Be Heaven (7,000 XP) - Find a floating island.
Defeated the Mob (8,000 XP) - Defeat the Goblin Army.
Expert Crafter (10,000 XP) - Use every crafting station.
Exterminator (12,000 XP) - Defeat every Boss.
Family Night (10,000 XP) - Get every NPC to move into your house.
Going Down (7,000 XP) - Reach the bottom of the World.
Home Sweet Home (6,000 XP) - Get the Guide to move into your house.
King of Slimes (7,000 XP) - Kill every type of slime.
Terraria Expert (6,000 XP) - Complete the tutorial.
When The Moon Turns Red (7,000 XP) - Survive the Blood Moon.

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