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Check out these Ruzzle cheats and stay cool!
Bookworm - Find a world of at least 10 letters.
Checkmate - Win 20 matches.
Noob - View the tutorial again.
Not Now - Receive a phone call while playing.
Sky's the Limit - Find over 60 words in a round.
Speedster - Find 30 words in the first 30 seconds.
The Dictionary - Find 1,000 unique words.
Close Call - Win by a margin of less than 50 points.
Da Bomb - Get over 1,000 points in a round.
Fantastic Four - Play a round with only four-letter words.
Friendly - Challenge a Facebook friend.
Globetrotter - Win matches in three different languages.
Hooked - Play 20 matches.
Juggernaut - Win against the same opponent 10 times.
Lemon - Play 20 matches against lemons.
The Ultimate Move - Find the best move on the board.
Tie - Play a draw.
Top Notch - Find a word that is worth more than 200 points.
Underdog - Win a match after two lost rounds.

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