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Check out these Real Boxing cheats and stay cool!
Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and XP.

All belts, no knockdown (10,000 XP) - You've earned all belts without being knocked down.
Bronze belt (2,500 XP) - You've earned Bronze belt.
Counterattacks (5,000 XP) - You have performed 100 counterattacks.
Demigod (2,500 XP) - Win 50 fights.
First Blood (1,000 XP) - Get your first victory.
First KO (1,000 XP) - You've scored your fist victory by KO.
Golden belt (7,500 XP) - You've earned Golden belt.
Maximum Level (5,000 XP) - You've fully trained your character.
Rookie (500 XP) - Tutorial was completed.
Silver belt (5,000 XP) - You've earned Silver belt.
Untouchable (5,000 XP) - You have won a fight without being hit.

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