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Achievements (Steam)
Baby Boot Camp - Train 5 militia squads.
Big Boss - Hire 50 Mercenaries.
Big Boy Boot Camp - Train 25 militia squads.
Boom!!! - Destroy 10 environment pieces.
Cold-Blooded Killer - Kill 100 Enemies.
Dead Prince of San Hermanos - Kill the prince and complete the game.
Demo Guy - Destroy 50 environment pieces.
Demolition Man - Destroy 100 environment pieces.
First Strike - Complete the first mission.
Healer - Use 25 bandages.
Hireling - Hire 5 Mercenaries.
Killer - Kill 25 enemies.
Medic - Use 5 bandages.
Medicine Man - Use 50 bandages.
Mercenary Tryouts - Train 75 militia squads.
Money Man - Hire 15 Mercenaries.
Side Chef - Complete all side missions.
Side Dish - Complete a side mission.
Spicy Affair - Complete the Spice questline.
The Reaper - Kill 500 enemies.
This Is My House - Heal 100 mercenaries in doctor mode.
What's Up Doc? - Heal 50 mercenaries in doctor mode.
What, Who, Where? - Find a way to Angetta.
Who Called The Doctor? - Heal 5 mercenaries in doctor mode.

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